• With undying love

    June 17, 2011 6:34 am 17 comments
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    I must say, as a latin country native, that all of you ignorant individuals should be shot. You should also be thrown in a dirt hole in the ground on on top of one another. I also think you all should be naked. I am thinking “buried”, for a lack of better words, genocide style. This should take place after you have been taken out of a gas chamber; for this would cleanse your fould mouths as well as thoughts and hearts. And I also think that maybe if you pray enough, that you will be delivered at the time of rapture and judgement, of the sins commited on this website, by addressing and thinking of your fellow brothers and sisters in this manner. Either way, I must admit, that I have learned to love all, and respect differences. I am glad to say I can come to appreciate the beauty in even the ugliest of individuals, whether in mind or soul; for everyone has good in them. I hope you all live a loving, understanding, peaceful life; in wich you have no regrets.

    With undying love,


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