• Women from The View Shoulder Fondling Justin Bieber (Picture Evidence)

    June 24, 2011 9:31 pm 27 comments
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  • What are you allowing your wife to watch when you take off for work in the morning?  There is a sick show named “The View” that features for harpies flapping their wings and squawking their beaks, trying to be homewreckers and encourage your wife to have lesbians affairs.  They want her to play sally jangle the moist slot with the paper boy while you toil away to earn your family a living.

    Now feminists will stamp around in their manboots and say this is a lie, but then why do we have the black Jewish view apparent “Whoopee (a name only a black mother would give a child) Goldburg (a requisite Hollywood jewish last name)” canoodling Justin Bieber and causing him to become erect with sin via the shoulder stimulus technique?

    Whoopi Goldberg Massaging Justin Bieber

    Look at Justin Bieber’s face.  His eyes are rolled in the back of his head, like a crocodile who just did a death roll and is savoring the juicy leg of a wild zebra or porkbelly pig!  He’s having the deepest carnal jollies so much that his mouth is opening like a dog smelling meat.  His Satan scepter has been reverse twiddled by Whoppee and he’s ready to whoppee in shame all in his underoos!  The boy is only 17 and if this was a good, Christian man like Pat Sayjack or Bob Barker, he’d be in jail and all over tv for twaddling Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus like this!


    But of course, the liberals on The View would codemn any man who touched a 17-year-old girl like that and make her face organism like that.  Look at it.  But we see it’s a double standard ball game when the black minority woman does it.  They all act like this is common fair and your wife and no one else should be outraged!

    Well I am and you are to!

    What right do these harpies have to touch this innocent child like that and make him think sexual thoughts?  Is it not already bad enough the gang rapper Ludicrous and his notorious Los Angeles Crisps are already using Justin Bieber to swoon the panties and money out of innocent suburban girls and their parents?

    Now The View is causing housewives to think fornicated thoughts about their ‘teenage hearthrob’ from the Time Life CD commercials and doing nasty things to little boys!  This is why teachers are always on the prowl, trying to fandangle the innocence of some many boys that now 60% of college aged people are girls and only 30% are boys!  Do the math, America!  This is why our economy is in shambles, these whore women are destroying the innocence of young men.

    Bieber should only be thinking about sports and baseball stats, sharpening his mind for a nice office job or such after he goes to college. But no, they are making him a male hooker.  Shame, on you, The View.  You are a promoting whore antics all around.

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