• 5 Everyday Items That Will Send You to Hell

    July 6, 2011 1:05 am 103 comments
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  • We use them everyday. The are normal pieces of technology but are you aware of the danger? Sure you know that holding a cell phone may give you an increased chance of Cancer and thus death, but did you know it is speeding you along to damnation? Learn what household items your using that are using you…for your soul.

    Cell Phones:

    Use a cell phone and you are more likely to contract cancer which is a leading contributor of yearly US deaths. Death is but it’s first swipe at you. What it is really after is your soul. How? Christwire studies show that users of telephones are 100% more likely to engage in phone sex than those who do not use phones. Phone sex not only is an abomination unto God, and insult to marriage, but leads to self fornication. Despite what the hippie liberal psychotherapists out there tell you self fornication is still a sin.

    The largest problem with cell phones is the danger of sexting. Troubled youths with raging hormone are so desperate to fornicate away the night instead of studying,that they take pictures of their naughty bits and send them to others. Taking pictures of your naughty bits are bad enough, but then you send them to others, that may encourage them to self fornicate, then they send pictures back of them self fornicating, that leads you to self fornicate and then the next thing you know, Jesus is weeping in heaven, watching your mockery of creation. Recently we all became aware of sexting when NY senator Anthony Wiener got fingered for sending out naughty pictures on his phone and internet. Weeks after he resigned NY decided to allow homosexual marriage! That is what sexting can do kids! Don’t Do It!


    Christwire studies show that computers are used 73% of the time for watching and exchange of pornography. If you have a computer…and I know you do as your looking at it right now, you have used it for dubious masturbatory reasons haven’t you? Don’t deny it. You have used this machine to touch yourself inappropriately! SHAME ON YOU!!!

    Computers should be used only for legitimate research. Checking email from friends, family and business. You can also check facebook but only see the latest christwire story links, to add me or another christwire author as a friend and to communicate with family and friends. Other acceptable uses might be, ebay, other legitimate businesses and church web sites.


    Almost everything on TV is sinful. Any viewer of Christwire will know that. I myself have written on the dangers of Top Gear and The Big Bang Theory. Shows such as Dancing Celebrities, Americans have talent and America’s Idol will condemn you to hell quicker than a trip to the gay club.

    About the only good thing to come out of TV is TBN and Fox News.


    How Many articles have been written on christwire about music? I could make up a number and it wouldn’t be enough! When I grew up music came on records and you listened to them on a phonograph. If you were lucky you went out and there was a big band in town. But now a days the musical filth out there is limitless and you can find it everywhere! It is found everywhere, TV, radio, the car, eyepods, phones, internet radio, something called pandora, Youtube. The ears and souls of the youth are being attacked from every place imaginable.

    Washing Machines and Dryers

    It used to be that these appliances were used by house wives in the proper way, washing the families clothes. But sometime in the 1980’s women realized that besides doing the family chores they could eat bon-bon’s and self fornicate theirselves. Sinful mothers have passed on this sinful act through the decades and now there are at least 3 generations of women M’ing their selves away to spiritual oblivion. With today’s improvements in technology, washers and driers are more powerful and efficient, getting women and their laundry off for half the price when it comes to the power bill.

    I urge all of you to look at your sinful acts and the common everyday things that lead you down the path to hell. Please recognize these things and stop using them. Keep yourself clean and chaste and on the right path.
    Or else it will be the Lake of Fire for you!

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