• A Guide To Spotting Illegal Mexicans.

    July 11, 2011 3:16 am 74 comments
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  • As the unofficial Christwire expert on illegal Mexican immigration I have written several articles on the subject. Especially as several states in the southeast (Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina) create laws to turn the tide of illegal immigration into their states. These laws are often very controversial but are seen by states as a way to do something when an ineffective Federal Government is unwilling and unable to do anything about the problem.

    Several of these state level laws make it illegal to rent housing or even give rides to illegals. So how is a law abiding American to know an illegal Mexican from normal legal immigrants? You need a guide, on How To Spot an Illegal Mexican.


    Many might be surprised to learn that the language of Mexicans is not called Mexican, but is actually Spanish. The language of Spain. This goes back to the 1500’s when brave Spanish missionaries brought language and religion to the pagan savages who lived there before. Unfortunately the religion they brought was Catholicism, which still to this day encourages them to reproduce like rabbits, which is the second reason for the Hispanic population explosion in this country. First, millions of them cross the border illegally every day, then second, they start popping out little bambinos all over the place.

    For many Americans it is hard to tell one foreign language from another. But I think that by now most Americans can pick out Spanish from other languages such as French. Obviously just speaking Spanish is not the only reason to believe someone to be an illegal. Many children every year take Spanish in high school and colleges. This foreign language is taught so that when these kids grow up they can communicate with the employees that they manage. Or in case they decide to work with the DEA or Home Land Security one day.


    Typically most Mexicans are substantially shorter that their American counterparts. This is partially due to genetic abnormalities as well as their insistence on a diet of meat rolled into corn or flour tortillas. Sure it might be good enough for a Sunday lunch after Church Services, but you can’t live on that!

    Most illegal Mexicans are a medium brown color, this is due to their native pagan heritage. In their native habitat the more Spanish (i.e. white) people are the ones that control the government and TV. This is why when you flip through your cable and go past that channel with the weirdos running around talking in tongues they are white and not at all like the Mexicans we are used to.

    Another sure sign to spot a Mexican is a mustache. The mustache fell out of fashion by all Americans over a decade ago. The only people that still wear them are law enforcement officers


    NO red blooded American likes to play soccer. This is a national fact. If you see someone playing or watching soccer then you can rest assured that they are a foreigner. Now of curse that doesn’t mean they are a dirty Mexican, they could be a Pollock, a limey Brit, or some other European. Some Africans even play soccer. But if they are not pale white or sooty black, but an in between brown rest assured they are a Mexican.


    The flag of the Mexicans is red, white and green with a coat of arms on the white part. The coat of arms is used to let you know it isn’t the flag of Italy, which uses the same flag colors. The coat of arms has a eagle holding a snake while sitting on top of a cactus that is on top of a rock above a lake. You will usually see this flag (usually as a sticker) on businesses that are owned by Mexicans or that is Mexican friendly. They can also be seen hanging off the single wide trailer that is occupied by 50 mexican family members, or on their car.


    Speaking of their cars the automobiles of Mexicans are very distinctive. When a Mexican first comes to this country their first vehicular purchase is usually a work truck. As they work jobs and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in untaxed money. They send most home to help their families form their own drug cartels, What they do not send home they use to fix up their work truck.

    The Mexican sense of taste is horribly gaudy. They will take a perfectly tasteful white truck and paint is disturbingly garish colors and put disgustingly tacky gold wire wheels on it. Once they have become even more successful they will start their own domestic cartel and start purchasing cars.

    Just as Mexicans supposedly take jobs that Americans don’t want they also take cars that Americans supposedly want and then turn them into sickening displays of Mexican pride. They will take a $250 car and put $5,000 worth of stereo equipment into it and spend $10,000 on a gold flake paint job, many will have Mexican pride murals on the side and paintings of naked Mexican whorelots on the hood. But the job is not done until is it so low that is scrapes the road, sending up sparks to blind American motorists.

    When the Mexicans are very successful they will add hydraulics to their cars. These hydraulics are systems that will make the car bounce up and down. The cheapest systems will make the front and back go up and down. The more expensive systems give them “front and back, and side to side” bouncing action.


    For many Mexicans their first illegal step into this country is into the state of Texas. Many of these Texans are friendly to these illegal’s, as Texas used to be part of the proud Mexican Empire until we brought freedom to them, just as we have done with Afghanistan and Iraq. During their time in Texas these illegal’s learn to pick up tricks to fit in with their Texan cousins. One of these tricks is the use of Cowboy hats. If you live in an area other than the Southwest there are no cowboys! If you see a short dark skinned person wearing a cowboy hat rest assured that they are almost certainly illegal. Call authorities.


    It is well known that many un-American citizens look for cheap illegal workers to do their construction bidding. These so called “Americans” will go to stores such as Home Depot or Lowe’s, purchase whatever home improvement goods that they need, and then instead of calling a good licensed, bonded and insured American contractor to do the work in a legal and professional way, they will get Mexicans to jump on their truck and get them to do the work. While the American contractor and all of his American employees are on public assistance.

    Notice the mustaches?

    This is a shameful act. Americans who are so blinded by money and cheap work over look their good godly fellow Americans. This is the reason that there are laws that limit giving rides to illegal Mexicans. Who knows, are you taking them to dump them off at the state border or are you taking them to do your yard work or build your deck? If your doing either of the later you should be ashamed of yourself.

    As usual, if you love your country please protect it from these dangers, and keep a keen Christian eye on Christwire.org! Have a comment? We would love to hear from you! Please post below and to communicate with me personally add me as a friend on facebook.

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