• Afro-Christian Woman Arrested for Trespassing After Beating her Son For Not Going to Church

    July 22, 2011 2:41 am 76 comments
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  • WOODSTOCK, GA – The local Godless Nazi police have arrested a God fearing woman for practicing her heavenly right to discipline her 17 year old son for not going to church.

    It happened last Saturday. Up the road from Atlanta, a Afro-christian woman was disappointed and aggravated that her heathen son would not properly attend church. Like a homogay WWW wrestler she laid the smack down upon him, in a beating that should be promoted from corporal punishment to a sergeant.

    The young man called the police. When they showed up he was “crying and they saw multiple raised bruises and welts on the boy’s upper right arm. He told them he had fled to his bedroom, but that the mother, broke down his door and continued to hit him.”

    The law enforcement officers who obviously know nothing of Gods law charged her under the Georgia Family Violence Act. Supposedly, trespassing charges were “appropriate” because She broke down the door to the bedroom where her son had tried to run away to hide from his due beating. She was charged with simple battery and criminal trespass.

    Let me say that again. She was charged with CRIMINAL TRESPASS IN HER OWN HOME!

    She had to be locked up with real criminals until Sunday when she bonded out of jail. Can we expect more of this from the Police State?

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