• Anti-Apartheid Measures Finally Destroy South Africa

    July 19, 2011 5:57 pm 8 comments
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  • For over 100 years, South Africa stood alone and above the rest of the dark continent of Africa. Africa’s southernmost country was safe, stable, clean, and strong economically. The country was so productive it was able to develop nuclear warheads on its own with less than a 20% Caucasian population.

    Tribal cannibals

    Unfortunately, many other nations did not recognize South Africa’s right to govern itself. Many western nations placed boycotts or embargoes on this friendly nation. These boycotts led to a radical change in how South Africa was governed and by whom. Instead of non-threatening, clean looking, educated, peaceful, successful, Northern Europeans governing, power was handed over to the cannibalistic bushman.

    For a while it looked like not all was lost. The minority white population did not flee and stuck around to try and make things work. Even the World cup of soccer was hosted here. Unfortunately it has taken just a short while for Ebola laden tribal’s to ruin South Africa’s prosperity.

    A new Morgan Stanley report predicts that Nigeria’s Economy will soon overtake South Africa’s and that South Africa’s will continue to free-fall. South Africa has now been ruined to the point where a country with a racist name is overpassing it.
    As Caucasians around the world become more and more of a minority, we must use South Africa’s example as a warning to us all as to what will happen to everything we have worked so hard for.


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