• Bachman/Palin 2012: Conservative Values or Attack of Fascist Feminist?

    July 20, 2011 4:28 pm 21 comments
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  • This is an opinion piece written by Susan B. Xenu for christwire.org and is not in anyway a paid advertisement for the Keating 2012 political campaign

    There are rumors coming out of Washington this week that Conservative Republican insiders are urging Sarah Palin against a 2012 Presidential bid. These rumors point to several reasons from the Republican leaders:
    1)She is universally hated by liberals and so called middle roaders and is seen as unelectable
    2)Questionable track record of completing tasks such as the Alaska Governorship
    3)Recent embracing of the Tea Party witch is seen as a Republican counter culture
    4)Recent articles revealing her sordid past.

    Once the political sweetheart of the conservative party she has been thrown under the bus for Mormons and those who are named after sodomy sex acts. Left out of the loop and to her own devices, it is coming to light that she is heavily considering joining with Conservative Tea Party fire brand Michele Bachman for her 2012 run at the White house.

    Many conservative will look at this dynamic duo of estrogen and sin sacks as an unstoppable blitzkrieg of fiscal responsibility, American values and a return to free market Capitalism.

    Don’t be fooled America. This is less dynamic duo and more feminist Satanic coven.

    God in the bible, tells us that a woman’s place is at home raising her children, and preparing the home for her husband to come home to after a long day at work. Only after a woman has no children or husband to take care of any longer is she allowed to attend to other matters.

    Once these tramps are in the white house they will quickly install more and more faux conservative harpies into their white house coven. Say what you will about our current socialist mulatto President but to my knowledge he has never allowed satanic rituals to take place there. But it will most certainly happen when Bachman and Palin come to power. Can you imagine a Presidency worse than Obama’s? I can!

    Due to Eve’s original sin, it is the duty of all women to once a month menstruate. During the course of the woman’s cycle hormone level can wreck havoc with a woman’s mental and emotional abilities. That is why God wanted us to stay at home where we belong. But in the 1960’s liberal feminists decided they wanted to leave the home and have lives outside of raising children and cooking and cleaning. Look at what that has gotten us. The 1950’s were the hey day for America, a golden age of prosperity, American values, and fighting communism. But look where we are now.

    Under the Bachman/Palin reign, one can only assume that men will be rounded up, into concentration camps. Pretty boys and self-vain gays who work out all the time will be used as breeding stock. The less attractive men will be used as workers, probably to produce cheap trendy shoes and hand bags.

    The only prudent course of action for the christian male who does not want to be used like a mexican pool boy is to vote for a man. A man like Alex Keating. He will stand up for American values, bring peace and freedom (nukes) to the middle east, Fight Drugs (nukes), send mexicans back home where they belong, will once again allow big business to create jobs, and take foreign religions out of schools and put Christianity back in!

    As usual, if you love your country please protect it from these dangers, and keep a keen Christian eye on Christwire.org! Have a comment? We would love to hear from you! Please post below and to communicate with me personally add me as a friend on facebook.

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