• Blacks & Mexicans: 10 Reasons They Love Fat Ugly White Women

    July 22, 2011 12:24 am 43 comments
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  • In my day we didn’t have 350 pound obese white women. Sure we had Ole Nessie who cooked down at Old man Pickets General Store, but she was half black and had a “gland problem”. We certainly had ugly women too, but they were all were very slim. I imagine it must be hard for today’s ugly obese white woman. From what I see there are no good christian white men willing to date them. The only other alternative is to find comfort in the arms of minorities.

    Every where in today’s culture we see the ideal feminine form is a slim tight waisted enchantress. So why are Blacks and Mexicans so interested in ugly fat white women? This made me think and after some quick research I came up with a few ideas.


    Every body knows that black men like big butts. There have been countless wrap songs written about this by wrappers such as Sir-Mix-Master, $0.50, and Little Jizzy. It appears that there are limits to how big a black woman’s butt can get. Into this giant rectal expanse walks the fat white woman. When you weigh 350 pounds a lot of it goes to your back side. And Black men are more than happy to sodomize that massive expanse. But as we all know sodomy, no matter who it involves eventually leads to homosexual anus defiling.


    It is no secret that ugly fat women serve as surrogate girl friends for homosexual men. These women are known as Fag Hags. The gays can “hook up” with these women and then they will appear to not be gay and blend in with normal society. These homos will also use them to source more gay men for them. Also Lesbians will get together with homogay men to appear normal.


    As I have written about on countless occasions, many states are passing laws to rid their borders of the brown menace. And I am not talking about a black man’s bed sheets after sodomizing a white woman. Mexicans are learning that it is time to return home as with 10% of the US population unemployed, we can pick our own oranges. Plus white people don’t crap on the tomatoes spreading E. Coli. Because of this many Mexicans are returning to an old trick to stay in the country. Marring a white woman to get a Green Card.


    To many ethnicities a white woman is seen as a sign of success or excess. Once the shock of 3 foot tall rims and bling-bling wears off, what else is there to say I have arrived?

    Little Jizzy likes big butts and can’t lie


    How did She get to be 350 pounds? She knows how to feed herself. Either she has a good job at the food stamps office (what you thought she met the black man at church?)and can afford Golden Corral every night, or she can cook. As she is atleast 150 pounds over weight she obviously has enough to share. If your lucky she might even own her own restaurant.


    Statistics tell us that 75% of black women have 4-5 kids (from on avg 3-4 different fathers) and live off a mixture of Food Stamps, WIC, Unemployment and other entitlement programs. while, 83% of Mexican women have 5 or more children and are married. Typically it is the Mexican men who come to the US first and send money home. Why bring your taco munching wife here along with your batch of whiny chimichanga offspring when you can shack up with some ugly white woman with lose morals and low self esteem? Heck, she can pay her own way, if your lucky she might feel sad and give you some spending money for doing a good job of eating her fish taco.

    A butt that only Little Jizzy could like


    Ignored by most men she is happy to have any attention and affection. Could she do better? Probably. Most likely. But she would have to cut down on the buffet, tubs of Rocky Road, double big mack happy meals, etc. Or she can just lay back and close her eyes and imagine a white man is plundering her sweaty baby hole instead of a sticky brown meat stick.

    willing to defile herself for cake? Is that what we have come to?


    Say what you will about Racial Profiling but it works. A while back I had a traffic violation that I had to go to court about, 90% of the people there were various shades of brown. Whites create less crime. It is a fact. Just look at jails and prisons, they are over flowing with minorities. What is a better way of making yourself look like your not a criminal than by being accompanied by an innocent looking white woman?


    Black women have attitude, and lots of it. Not everyone likes this. For every Condolezza Rice you have 1,593 that aren’t. Have you noticed that you don’t see White Men dating black women? You think a good christian white man is going to put up with all that back talk? Black men and even Mexicans know a white woman will atleast act civilized most of the time.

    She is going to hell but she has her cake and is eating it too


    Mexicans are Catholics. Most everyone knows now that Catholics are not real Christians in that Mormons are not real Christians. So that tells us that Mexican women are doomed to the eternal fire pits of the dark prince, and I am not talking about that purple sissy from the 80’s. So why date a woman that is going to lead you and your chimichanga bean eating offspring to damnation? Also the Nazi Pope tells women that birth control is wrong yet according to him sticking your creepy rosary beaded sin stick in a child’s rectum isn’t so bad. So because of this you will have more and more and more chimichangas and they are more and more likely to be defiled by a pedophiliac man in white robes and a funny hat.

    As usual, if you love your country please protect it from these dangers, and keep a keen Christian eye on Christwire.org! Have a comment? We would love to hear from you! Please post below and to communicate with me personally add me as a friend on facebook.

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