• Blockland – The game where you build sex machines?

    July 11, 2011 8:13 pm 42 comments
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    As a father I often find my boys trying new things. One of the more common things are playing video games. I am aware that there is a common Christian hate for these Evil, satan filled, disks of hate. But I understand that for my boys to learn not to be gay, they must learn that there are Homosexuals out there. Well, today I came home and found my sons Credit Card laying on my table. Yes, I am aware that these plastic cards are Satans tool into our soul, because they prompt you to purchase pornographic videos on the internet, but I got my sons one because they need to, again, learn about homosexuals. I look at the funds on the card and find that $20.00 have been taken off of it to purchase a game called “Blockland – The game where you build stuff.

    The first red flag was when I heard the word “Stuff”. A quick google search provided me with this picture of “Stuff”

    I most certainly do NOT want my child building this hateful sin. I run into his room, full in a rage, to find him on the games forums, sleeping. I do a quick search of the forums, and find the sinful creator of the game, “Badspot”. What does this mean for our children! Badspot! This is clearly directly in relationship with pornographic pictures. His avatar is of a man asking for sex! I was surprised with my child for even looking at this horrible stuff!

    Even more searching found me in the games sinful region, the Games section! This section is all about distressful things, they speak of purchasing games on a program called “Steam”, which is obviously a gay pornographic recruitment site.

    And my final argument, is the people you play in this game. In this game you play as a “Blockhead” which obviously is an internet term for Homosexual. Here is a picture of the player you are MADE to play!

    I almost threw up. So please, parents, watch your kids. This game is full of Homosexual players who want to eat your childs Pee Hole.

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