• Blood Bank Heroically Denies Closeted Gay

    July 21, 2011 4:27 pm 9 comments
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  • My friends, I have an urgent report for you all. The mainstream media has lashed
    out at a blood center in Indiana for not allowing an obviously gay man to donate
    his AIDS infested blood to the unsuspecting populace. For those who don’t know,
    there is a great law on the books that prevents gays from donating their blood,
    because it became common practice for them to spread the AIDS as much as possible
    back in the 1980s. It was not enough that they spread it amongst themselves in
    steamed up bath houses on the two coasts, but they needed to spread it further.
    They invented the now notorious “bi sexual” who went forth and spread the AIDS
    to unsuspecting lasses and whores (of course only through anal contact, as the
    Gay cannot maintain sexual arousal with the natural confines of a woman-hole).

    Their determination to spread the AIDS has reached new heights, I fear. For last
    week an Indiana man was busted trying to infiltrate the blood bank screening
    and pass himself for a normal, straight man. An Aaron Pace (who also appears
    to be an Afro Gay) refused to acknowledge his frequent sin-docking and anal blasting
    and told the stalwart nurses that his blood was the pure blood of a heterosexual.

    Thank heavens for what happened next: the nurses on call could spot the trademarks
    of gayness permeating from his slave-colored skin. He cocked his head to the side
    in the provocative manner of a homobeast, and when he spoke he lisped his words
    like the classic flamboyant Queen Gays of the 50s and 60s. And most glaring of all
    was his open oggling of the male donors, drooling like the sex crazed maniacs we
    all know the Gay to be. The head nurse and humble servant told this gay-impostor
    to Scram and she protected the purity of the blood.

    Now the media has taken up this gay agent’s cause, using it as a reason to allow
    gays to infest the blood banks with the AIDS they carry. Don’t be surprised if
    you soon see The Obama take up this cause as he weds two gays on the (formerly)
    White House lawn. Get the word out: don’t allow gay seeming individuals to donate
    blood, use your rest room or handle food. It’s part of their AIDS spreading agenda.

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