• California Governor Forces Schools To Teach Gay History

    July 17, 2011 5:23 pm 11 comments
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  • "History should be honest," Democratic California Gov. Jerry Brown said about the gay history legislation.The indoctrination of homosexuality ravages families California, irate parents and confused students forced to learn the history of gay lifestyle.

    Los Angeles (ChristWire) – In a shockingly unprecedented violation of Civil Rights, Democratic California Gov. Jerry Brown stated on Thursday that he signed a bill which will force public schools in the state to teach children about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.

    The bill, the first of its type in America, will force children to learn about the history of homosexuality.  In addition, the bill details students must learn about ‘safe’ sexual practices and techniques used by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans in sex ed courses.

    “History and Science must be honest!”, Brown yelled to dishevelled protesters in a statement.

    “This bill revises … existing law … and represents an important step forward for our state, and I thank Senator Leno for his hard work on this historic legislation.”  Brown’s Law officially revised the ‘safe-child’ act of California, enacted in 1984 to gubernatorially protect children from indoctrination by teachers who sought to brainwash them, following a tragic case where a homosexual atheist gym teacher  plied several of her male students with alcohol and forced them to endure unimaginable horrors in a school’s washroom, all while denouncing the Christian faith their parents had instilled within them.

    Brown’s flagrant disregard for the law has legal analysts miffed, wondering if this edict to teach homosexuality techniques to children is Constitutional.

    Senator Leno, loosely related to famed Democrat and liberal pundit Jay Leno, has long sought to force homosexuality into the lives of children.  His office allegedly conducted a study which showed “students who learn about LGBT people are more likely to report their schools are inclusive and fair”, showing an unfair indoctrination of bias.

    Homosexuality is not a religion but yet Christianity, Judaism and Islam are religions.  Every person is free to practice their religion and not be offended by the acts of others, so forcing the children of Christian, Jewish or Muslim ancestry to “report their schools are inclusive and fair”, which is a fancy way of saying “they support the act of a man sticking his phallus into the back-parts of another man, or two women sliding their privates over each other and achieving ecstasy right before the 3 am bell in Biology class” is not fair and violates every parent’s right to not have their child indoctrinated with sacrilegious offense at school.

    The bill has drawn heavy criticism, especially from the ChristWire Traditional Values Coalition.   On behalf of 43,000 churches who represent millions of Americans, homosexuality is a great disease that stands in need of a cure.  Spreading the plague of homosexuality throughout our schools will ensure a great blight will fester within the children, a blight that rots and corrupts any values systems the parents of these kids wished to instill.

    This is not saying that homosexual parents are rotten or without morals, but moreso that if they want to teach gay education they should be forced to build their own schools or pay for their own extracurricular activity and instruction, outside the required curriculum.

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