• California Superior Court Judge Affirms God’s Morality in Circumcision Ruling

    July 28, 2011 11:17 pm 33 comments
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  • Superior Court judge Loretta Giorgi ruled Thursday, to God’s great glory, that San Francisco’s proposed ban on circumcision of minors violated the United States Constitution’s guarantee of religious freedom, affirming again our solemn duty as a nation of Christians, under God, to obey his commandments.

    It should not be surprising that the sponsor of this reprehensible initiative, Lloyd Schofield, is a card-carrying member of the odious and spiritually delinquent group of devil mongering, debaucherous sinners commonly known as The Gays.

    Why is that important? That is a fair question, but I must warn you that the answer is not pleasing in the eyes of our LORD. You see, the foreskin of the male penis is among the most sinister of tools in the Devil’s toolbox, and is the unholy grail in carrying out The Gay Agenda’s prime directive to recruit young boys, who rightly belong to our LORD, into the Godless, abominable fold of gay male homosexuality.

    To wit –

    Foreskin is known to protect the sensitive nerve endings located in and around the glans, or head of the penis, from gradual desensitization. This process of desensitization is in accordance with God’s holy plan to ensure healthy balance between physical gratification and spiritual cleanliness.

    Our gracious LORD designed foreskin into human male anatomy, and then commanded its removal, for a clear purpose – to instill in men at the earliest possible age a keen awareness of the spiritual pain that excessive sexual gratification precedes. Godly sex, which can only be properly engaged in between a married Christian male and female couple, is necessarily minimal in physical gratification. Its foremost purpose is to produce healthy young Christians to serve the calling of the Army of God.

    When we fail to have our male children circumsized, as commanded by God, we set them on an inalterable course toward depravity and homosexuality. They are at great risk of developing a spiritually devestating relationship with their fleshly appendage, which of course inevitably leads to homosexual leaning and conduct. This conduct includes the spiritually bankrupt sexual practice of “docking”, which is a particularly egregious homosexual activity performed entirely to dishonor God and his intended plan for Christian-human sexuality.

    Friends, we must be vigilant. We must be on the alert, always, to the sinful nature of the homosexual activist, and prevent them undermining the Godly intent of the laws of this Christian nation.

    Yours always in the Service of The LORD,

    Jonathan Pearson Whittaker, Christian Attorney and Pastor

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