• Casey Anthony Caught Having an Affair with Prince William

    July 8, 2011 9:27 am 28 comments
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  • Just days after being voted not guilty, Tot Mom Casey Anthony is partying by having a fling with the newly married Prince William.

    The shocking revelation has thrown the UK into a stressed rumble, the peasants of the nation in ire and shock that their crown prince would so quickly cheat on Kate Middleton.

    Like most cheaters, the ‘couple’ stole away to Beverly Hills for a day of lavish shopping for Anthony, then followed it up with a night of sniffed cracked cocaine and debauchery while heathen homosexuals cheered them on in LA’s notoriously fecal West Hollywood.

    As the couple gallivants through LA, the Royal Family is stressed and trying to figure out how to calm the ensuing media storm that will mercilessly savage them with pundit theories about how they are somehow involved in all of this mess and legal affair.

    Isn’t it suspicious that despite all of the yelling of ‘Guilty!’ we did about Anthony before she was even on trial, that she was somehow still found “Not Guilty”?  This shows that there was a powerful force acting over the courts and who could be more powerful than the Redcoat Royalty, the villainous mooches who once boasted the ‘Sun never sets on our empire.”

    While Prince William is trying to soften the PR blow from this shocking news by doing volunteer work in Skid Row, Anthony has allegedly already taken to letting bombs fondle her milksacks for a quick sniff of Satan’s poweder.

    The Royal House did not return calls yesterday for comment.


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