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    July 20, 2011 11:34 pm 78 comments
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  • 90% of Americans own an electronic gadget. 100% of those Americans think they are technically savvy.

    42% of Americans are on facebook.

    74% of Americans believe with mobile devices, people will do things they would not normally do on their work computer.

    52% of Americans think that ‘others’ are looking for another job on their mobile device.

    52% of Americans have used the password ‘resume1’ or some variant (mybo55suxcox1) for their work password in the past year.

    47% of Americans think that ‘others’ are watching pornography on their mobile device.

    16% of surveyed Americans have admitted viewing pornography on a work computer. If caught, 59% receive a reprimand only.

    14% of the world pornography viewing is accomplished by American know how. China, Korea, and Japan comprise nearly 76% of the world wide pornography viewing populations.

    33% of American girls’ clothing has sexualizing characteristics.

    76% of American girls’ clothing is manufactured in China, Korea or Southeast Asia.

    37% of Americans research an embarrassing illness/condition on their work computer.

    36% of Americans have poor health literacy skills and cannot use a graph to determine a healthy weight range.

    100% of Americans are born as the result of an erection.

    98% of Americans are born as the result of heterosexual sex.

    50% of American men ejaculate more than 10cc’s of semen.

    0.25% of American men are flexible enough to mouth pleasure themselves.

    100% of American men have tried or thought about mouth pleasuring their self at least once.

    18% of Americans are sexually inactive.

    20% of Americans infected with HIV don’t know they are infected.

    50% of Americans have below average credit scores.

    46% of Americans believe the Debt Limit should be raised.

    85% of Americans can’t manually count change more quickly than a cash register.

    38% of Americans have zero or negative income tax liability.

    70% of Americans believe their financial Knowledge is comparatively high.

    54% is the average score for Americans taking a financial knowledge survey.

    50% of Americans are of below average intelligence.

    65% of Americans have used a library in person or by phone within the last year.

    42% of American college graduates never read another book after college.

    80% of American families did not purchase or read a book last year

    23% of Americans are estimated to be functionally illiterate.

    40% of Americans believe in Creationism.

    33% of Russians believe the sun revolves around the Earth.

    38% of Americans own guns in the home.

    27% of Americans living in Mississippi are unhappy with the outcome of the Civil War.

    18.4% of Americans don’t always have enough money for food.

    69% of Americans surveyed “said purchasing meals from restaurants, take-out and delivery places makes it easier for families with children to manage their day-to-day lives”

    60% of Americans surveyed say they can’t or won’t cook meals.

    12% of Americans received food stamps in October of 2010.

    98% of Americans own a television set.

    64% of Americans think the murder charges against Anthony were definitely or probably true.

    58% of Americans, after the Anthony Casey ruling, still trust juries over a judge to make the right call, while 27 percent trust the judge more.

    67% of Americans have been summoned for Jury Duty.

    84% of Americans that have served as jurors, before the Casey Anthony ruling, are confident their jury reached the right decision, including 68% who are Very Confident. Just 10% were not very or not at all confident their jury made the right decision.

    71% of Americans fail a civic literacy test with a score below 49%. This drops to 44% for civic leaders.

    56.8% of Americans voted in 2008.

    50% of the internet is lies.


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