• Coloring Books: Not As Innocent As We Thought

    July 7, 2011 8:09 pm 14 comments
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    Remember coloring books? They’ve been around for ages, we had them a children, and now our children have them, but what could possibly be hidden between the covers of a simple coloring book? Satan. That’s right, the devil himself has wormed his way into what we thought was safe. Coloring books, as you know, are simple drawings in black and white; for children to color in themselves. Many coloring books feature popular characters such as Disney princesses, animals, and various other designs. The sinful thing here is not what’s on the page, it’s what it’s commanding you to do. Coloring books come with no instructions. They use hypnotic suggestion (wizardry) to tell you to color the pictures. Your child, unknowingly, is doing the devils work. Lucifer is influencing the young, innocent, and venerable child into doing his bid. God knows what else he could do with the child, once he has hold of their minds. Perhaps your child is past the coloring book age, are they rebellious or unpure? It’s probably because they played with coloring books as a youngster. Perhaps your child is older, but is a good child of God. In that case, their faith saved them, but God is often busy and does not have time to save all coloring book users all the time. He’s punishing sinners, saving souls, and doing the good work.

    Do not underestimate the power of those who oppose Him. They may be lost souls, but they are crafty. Do not let your child, or any child, use coloring books. They are an instrument of evil in this world.

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