• Cy Twombly Dies in Rome

    July 5, 2011 6:58 pm 5 comments
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    Renown artist Cy Twombly passed away today in Rome. In his honor, here are some works of art in remembrance.  A painter admired for his ability to capture the abstract in simple form, Twombly passed away at 83.

    Today I will share soem of my favorite Cy Twombly works with you.

    The one above is killed “Kisses from Angels”.  You can see that this art was ahead of its time, as women like Madonna tried to use the lipstick look for their nasty videos about kissing a man on the collar then making him get caught by his wife.  The original concept was that even when you sleep, the background is all white and full of your guardian angel’s kisses.  Notice how the white scale contrasts with the crimson red, a sign of Christ’s purity (white) and his calvary sacrifice (red).

    This piece is called “No More Mexicans”.  You can see it is sloppy in detail, looking much like a Mexican burrito stand.

    If you look toward the right, you see a pig’s nostril that signifies swine flu.  The use of yellows also reflects the Mexican landscape, fully of yellow hatted beggers trying to peddle off sub-par trinkets to you when you travel to the country there.  High above you can see a pelican stork, a symbol of how Mexicans overpopulate and keep creating all of these burrito stands and swing flu outbreaks.


    This piece is one of my favorites.  Cy Twombly’s “I Am Dreaming of an Arabic Christmas” takes the hearty green of a pine tree and lets white Arabic writing slather and smear down.  It terrifies the viewer to see how Arab culture will smear itself all over everything and terrorize even the most innocent of holidays that are meant for all people to enjoy.

    A “Nuclear Rose” is a piece dedicated to the power and might of America’s nuclear arms, a power that has kept the world at relatively good peace since 1945.

    And above is my favorite Cy Twombly.  It is called “Nuclear Freedom” and is about America sending more nuclear roses to our greatest enemies.  I’ve always imagined that the biggest one is China or Russia, which would be a blessed day for Earth once we wipe them out.

    This is the art of peace and America.  Be well on your eternal journey in peace, Cy Twombly.  Your art will always inspire.



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