• Do Not Fall For Mexican Faizbook Scheme

    July 29, 2011 3:26 pm 7 comments
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    The mangy Mexicans are up to their old tricks again, this time trying to sneak into America by stealing all of our Facebook passwords.

    Frustrated with the continually shoddy coding and Portuguese gibberish on Orkut.com, a team of rarely seen Mexican web coders designed the “Faizbook” code that is now tearing through proper American Facebook reposts.

    Lead project coder Jaime Escalante was caught on Twitter bragging, “Dejara fuego mala en los pantalones gringos!” which is the equivalent of telling someone that we will be duking our pants in fear over all of this.

    While many parents may not understand the immediate danger, let’s put this in perspective. After Satan and then blacks, there is no other people on Earth who has your daughter’s virginity as their favorite food than Mexicans. You see what but on seed of a Mexican can create: litters of children. So just imagine a bunch of yap mouth chihuahua Juan and Josefina’s running through your house and pretending to clean everything before you decide not to take warning.

    The Mexicans lack stealth and common sense so just left all their groundwork on Twitter. The following scribbled up gibberish is their ‘grand plan’ to create a new social network that will allow them to steal proper American identities off Facebook then pass themselves off a proper American when they make it through the border patrol.

    Then if that is not bad enough, we see they have designed a shoddy networking scheme to obtain all the personal information of your daughter and their friends. When they get here to the US, they will simply go join the blacks in an library internet access point and tell your children their cool “Mexican penpal” Jaime has come up with his family to visit and hang out at the mall.

    You know that’s just a Mexican burrito scented scheme from a mile away, but all your children will smell is a bed of liberal roses. Liberal schools teach children it’s the coolest experience to meet foreigners, even a mangy Mexico raised farmhand, and soon that farmhand will be down your child’s pants and then taking over their social identity.

    It’s terrifying to know the extent Mexicans will take to identity theft and sadly, it’s no longer high tech criminals you have to worry about. Now even your children can be victimized. If you Google “Faizbook” you will see these sites are popping up all over the place and each one is a scheme to get your child’s personal ID, do a switcharoo for your child for a Mexican, then send your precious college children to Tijuana to work as drugged up extras in a brothel donkey show and even worse from there.

    Parents, forbid your children to use Faizbook and even Facebook. It is a danger to the soul and now, their mortal bodies.

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