• Evolution explained.

    July 3, 2011 11:44 am 72 comments
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    My fellow believers, as we have all come to know, appreciate and accept as truth, the words of God, transcript in the bible. The words of which truth behold and none-other prevail over. Though many believe that something as simple as is written in the first few pages of the bible is a “mistruth”, some may even go to the lengths of saying it is a “lie”.

    ‘Evolution’ as it is called, is the concept I am talking about. In the unholy scientists eyes, a creatue or plant, from whom God created in his infinite wisdom, may over many years, decades, centuries or maybe even millenia, may change their bodily dynamics. My question is, how, why and wouldn’t it be obvious for them to do this?

    How do they change their bodies? do they think they’re growing a tail and in a century they’ll have a tail? It seems preposterous to a rational-minded-Christian, but apparently not in the eyes of “science”

    Why do these Creatures need to change? God made them how he wanted them, they have all that they need in order to survive, as they are evidently surviving as they’ve done for so long.

    My final question would be, wouldn’t it be obvious?
    For example, one of the most insane allegations is that “Humans derive from the same ancestors as monkeys”, should there not be a bridge between monkeys and humans then? Some sort of species of half-human half-monkeys already in existence?!
    It doesn’t exist because that’s not how God’s will planned for creations to exist. They are how they are, Humans are made in his image, different to animals, unsubjected to any false concept of “Evolution”. It is merely slanderous Scientists trying to disprove God, and failing at it.

    If the concept of “Evil”ution did exist (theoretically)
    Would we not be able to create larger vegetables and animals able to feed more people? It would be violating that of what is fact through Genesis as well as other parts of the bible!

    If Evolution existed. It’s been two Millenia since the time of Jesus, why have we not Changed and why have the animals and plants around us not changed?
    The only conclusion is that, as to what coincides with Gods will. Evolution doesn’t exist. Creatures, Plants and Mankind were created exactly how the Lord wanted, Each with their own needs and purposes. Never changing as perfection is.

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