• Gay Horde of Sparkly Homosexual Barbarians Ravage Marcus Bachman and the ‘Pray the Gay Away’ Health Clinic

    July 21, 2011 8:55 pm 20 comments
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    Eternally dangerous and jealous of normal people, the Gay Community has struck again, my friends.  Gays want to plant their flesh flags in our backsides and yell ‘pay dirt!’ at the top of their lungs, and have us all laugh along and chuckle will they hump away our rights like a law-wielding dog in heat.

    And that’s what the gay agenda really comes down to.  Gays are fascinated with anal sex.  That is plain and simple.  They want the right to teach our children that it is normal for little Johnny to play polywog tadpole in your son’s backside.  They want little Sally to play dapper slapper with her girly friends in the restroom after recess!  It is already happening in California you evil liveral like sucker fornicators!

    I wish this was only 400 years ago, because I would laught with delight as I rounded up every single gay and brought a loving peace to this world, as we burned them all at the stake and let their marinated sin flesh make Satan’s mouth water until he opened up the Earth and swallowed them right up into hell!  But it’s the modern age and we cannot burn these broomstick in the bum loving witches, so we have to settle with prayer and using legal power to keep the law that America is a Christian nation and no gays are allowed!  In public.

    What is sad is that many gays have been tricked with a magic bag of lies and tricks.  They think they can spit their serpent scepters into the flesh cavern of a bent man, then go to church with the residues of sugar plummed anal play staining their tutu panties, as if the odor will not be smelt by their preist and by their God!  The Bible makes it clear!  Gays shall burn in hell, so sayeth the Bible and the LAW OF AMERICA!  So why would we damn people to live like this, to be tortured and have their teeth weeping and eyes gnashing in pain, forever and ever and their lungs would make them scream but they are always doused ina  sulfur soup and I will reach down from heaven and help the Lord do it!

    I love all people.  I just want to see the gays happy and their happiness will come when they realize it is a sin to dipstick the brown oil wells of other men.  God is the ultimate mechanic and he made a manual for our machinery:  it is called the Bible.  God gave men a stickrock so we can insert the fluid of life into a wife, where she will incubate it and bear it 9 months later.  Anyone who would rather catch Aids and Herpies simplex cancer or scarier death gay bowel disease, then burn in hell, instead of loving and nurturing a child is in clear harm to themselves.

    Our good friend Marcus Bachman, as pure and loving as Michelle Bachman, is trying to save the gays from their own self-destruction.  There is a clinic that is saving gays and it is called the ‘Pray the Gay Away’ clinic.  Angered that their numbers were growing weak, the gay agenda organized a Barbarian Glitter Horde of fecal ferret stuffers and attacked Bachman and the clinic.

    There is no word yet on how many gay touches the staff their endured and if anyone was sodomized during the raid, but we will keep you posted.  Following is the shocking and terrifying footage of just how evil, bigoted and hateful the gays truly are.  This type of Barbary was not seen since the Germanic hordes stole upon Rome and almost destroyed the Republic.

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