• Governor Sam Brownback Uses Power of God to Create 3,163 New Jobs in Kansas

    July 7, 2011 12:34 am 5 comments
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  • While Barack Hussein continues to fail America by taking our jobs away and handfeeing them to the Chinese dragon, the Asian nation’s belly full of outsourced jobs due to Obama’s incessant need to tax the very businesses that make America great, we find one state is having job gains.

    Naturally, a man of God is leading that state and his name is Sam Brownback.  Through wisdom from providence, Sam Brownback has made it so that every person in Kansas has a job.


    Since Sam Brownback became governor, everything has become so much better in Kansas. There is a shelter for disabled people in the state’s capital city of Topeka. The shelter is called the Kansas Neurological Institute and it houses over 200 people who would not be able to live on their own and is supported by tax payer dollars.

    How sick and sad that Democrats have apparently fought to remove and raze the shelter, kicking all the patients out. But Sam Brownback, the man of tomorrow, has used his divine wisdom to not only make a budget for what is called “KNI” but also provide the institute and every other resource in Kansas with much needed jobs.

    We need a man like Sam Brownback as president if he’s doing miracle jobs like this, don’t you think? Watch this news conference and remember, Obama is losing jobs for Americans. Men like this great governor are creating jobs.


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