• Grant Hill and the NBA is Gay?

    July 28, 2011 11:17 pm 19 comments
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    Many of you have seen the televsion ads featuring Grant Hill telling kids not to use the word gay. My question to you all is why is the former All-American basketball player now a fruitcake? When did the one time rookie of the year become a rectum ranger and enjoy fondling Jared Dudley’s 2nd round draft-pick testicles? Is this part of David Stern’s liberal Jew agenda to get us to become “politically correct”?

    I’ll give you politically correct: Grant Hill is an undercover liberal Islamo-fascist. His mom was lesbian partners with Hillary Clinton at Wellsley and he’s trying to indoctrinate the youth with his homo-enabling commercials. He’s trying to hijack our lexicon. How else am I supposed to say something fucking sucks? Gay is the perfect word to describe something defective. “Your jumpshot is GAY!You look like some guy from boys- town who’s never played basketball before. Are you trying to break the backboard with the Spalding, you fag? What’d the rim do to you gay-boy?” Once they come for our words and our thoughts, next the NBA will try to brainwash our heterosexual, Christian children into touching a whole different kind of rim. I’m not surprised by this at all. I knew the NBA was supportive of gays after they allowed Dennis Rodman to advertise for them on his head.

    The real heroes of the NBA are Kobe Bryant and Joakim Noah who let the world know that the word “gay” and “fag” are perfectly appropriate generic insults. What do you call the ref who makes a call that doesn’t go in your favor? Kobe, Joakim and I call him GAY. That’s what any true Christian would call him. I hope the NBA takes this lockout to adjust itself to the changing world around us. Gay butt-sex is recently legal in New York. The NBA needs to be a becon of hope and place of solace for heterosexual christians who need a break from all the gay shit going on around us.

    Also, grant hill is gay as hell.

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