• Greedy Jewish Community Launches Googel Search Engine

    July 28, 2011 8:07 am 9 comments
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    Katie Dahm


    In a very predictable display of amazingly nefarious greed, super-Jewish bankers Greenspan and Volker today announced they have had enough of the Gentiles ruining their country of America. Already with mastery over Hollywood, the Media, Law and banking in America, today the Jewish Community announced it would revitalize a new frontier: the internet.

    As the American economy sinks further into debt, Greenspan contends that the sure and safe-fire way to fix it all is to replace Boehner with a more imaginative fellow, like Larry David or Lewis Black, so that budget negotiations in DC will always be relieved by observational humor. Step two is to stop spending money.

    While the plan seems simple, Volker holds that the majority of Americans require trailers and information bites before they can be sold on a new show. For this reason, Greenspan and Volker sought to buy-out internet search giant Google, so they could also have Google Search and YouTube.com as propaganda engines for their new money-making schtick.

    In the Hebrew tongue, Googel literally means God of the 10 to 100th power zeros, or, how much money it would take to satisfy the innate greed of a pure Jewish heart for a fortnight. (Google = 10 the the 100th power and El, the Hebrew word for God).

    After Google allegedly denied requests to become Jewgle as the project was called in the Silicon Valley, Greenspan simply created “Googel” on Massad operated backdoor links to the American global internet. Already, Google proper has seen a purported 21% drop in traffic today and after a few more prayers and waving of their collective staffs, there is a chance Jewish people could cause far more misery for this nation of peace and Google stocks.

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