• Hanna Montana and the Death of Innocence

    July 3, 2011 11:43 am 13 comments
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  • There is a war on for the mind of our children. Have you seen it? Probably not, if you’re a devout Christwire reader. But it rages on just the same, as forceful and insidious as Jimmy Holloran’s hand on your thigh at the seventh-grade dance. Unlike the chaperone’s at that fateful dance, I have been watching and I am here to warn you of the imminent danger.

    There is an ancient, evil organization known at the Illuminaty. They have been plotting for centuries to install a one-world government headed by Barack Obama, to bring the entire planet under their control. They normally work behind the scenes, silently and stealthy. Their hidden fingers have penetrated our government, our banking systems and even our entertainments. The last one is where the Illuminaty show their true face. In recent years, they have been implanting secret symbolisms and messages in popular music and shows, especially those aimed at impressionable young minds.

    A Question of Mind Control
     Rhea Pollstry on miley cyrusWho influences today’s children most, their parents who see them only in passing, or the popular cultural icons who mesmerize them for hours each day? Let’s face it, we are losing them to the internet, smart telephones and eyepods. This is why the Illuminaty chooses these avenues to reach our children and influence them to accept their agenda. When you know what to look for, the messages are as plane as the nose on your face.

    One method that the Illuminaty uses is called M.K. Ultra. It is a form of mind control techniques developed by the M.I.5., England’s pale imitation of our patriotic Centralized Intelligence Agency. They discovered that by using repeated traumas, a victim’s mind could be shattered into hundreds of fragments, known as altars. These altar personalitys can be programmed to perform at their master’s request like a circus seal.

    Enter the pennultimate ringmaster: rumored Satanist and high-ranking Freemaison Walt Disney. As a member of the occult, he most certainly was familiar with Illuminaty methods. M. K. Mouse, anyone? The corporation that bares his name continues to operate in the esoterica tradition.

    drunk miley cyrus
    A Star is Spawned
    Among dozens of examples of subliminal messages and occult referendums in Disney programs, none is more heineous than “Hanna Montana”. It’s star, Miley Cyrus, may have been born from the rugged loins of Billy Ray Cyrus, but the show that made her famous is straight from the pits of Hell. It depicts the ravages of M. K. Ultra programming at it’s darkest. We have the main character, Miley Stewart, an ordinary sweet schoolgirl. Then there is her altar ego, the hard-drinking, sexually promiscuous rock star Hanna Montana. Presiding over the hijinks is none other than her real-life father Billy Ray Cyrus, oozing an oilyness and raw sexuality that would be better suited to hard-core porno. He plays her “manager” who, just like the M. K. Ultra programmer, commands his mind control slave to perform at his whim using programmed ques like clicks and whistles.

    drunk miley cyrus
    All of this is presented to our children as entertainment, a harmless fantasy. This is why I prefer to call it entertrapment. The attraction of a secret double life is a strong one. Add in the blonde wigs and hardly no one can resist. Thus setting up a new generation of Illuminaty recruits.

    Parents, what are your children watching? What are they listening to? It’s time to take back what God gave us at the moment of conception. If we are to leave a free world for our children’s, we must wake up to the sinister forces all around us. We must become vigilant citizens.

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