• Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2, Christian Movie Review

    July 11, 2011 9:57 pm 115 comments
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  • Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
    Rating: S (Sinister) for wizardry, witchcraft, homosexual twinkle fingerings, twiddle rompus, Satanic love spells, evolution, Hermione Watson thigh exposures, flesh muggle mingles, language, violence

    It was a cold, lonely night in the Askoban’s death camp.  A furry bear gay named Hagrid, a leather-daddy sorcerer of iniquity, bellowed out and forced his newest prisoner, Harry Potter, to strip before him.  A chilling, watery wind whetted Harry’s emaciated frame as he layed prostrate behind the wizarding giant, his bearded face glowing a Norse wind-burnt red with excitement.

    At this moment, the screen goes black and a creepy scene takes place, one that no child should see.  Hagrid gently lifts Harry Potter and nussles his groady beard into the boy’s now exposed, smooth chest.  All seems imminent.  Hagrid will succeed in muggling Harry Potter’s wizard’s hole and then shoot the sparkles of microscopic glee within, all before midnight.   The blood-oath to make Deathy Hallows mystic shadows over take the magic world will be complete, but then, Harry’s savior arrives.

    A transgender vampire wizard name Draco swings from the darkened heavens on a phallic Quiddich symbolized broomstick.  He grabs Harry and rescues him, confessing his love and how Harry must not marry Emma (Hermione Watson in real life).  They then share the shocking homosexual anal docking moment, the image above you see as the aftermath of the movie’s inciting incident in Act 1.

    Parents, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the biggest homosexual agenda propaganda film of the modern ages.  I would almost be happy to see Harry Potter steal into Emma’s secret room in the dead of night, to slowly cast a spell over her and cause her smooth peachy pelvis to slowly mount upward in a lucid dream experience, somewhere between fantasy and reality, as Harry moaned and let his muggling escalate until boath were exhausted, sweaty and tensed in the highest throes of Slither In ecstasy.

    It would almost seem plausible too, as in this movie we see Emma has failed out of Brown witching school and has turned to a life of prostitution.  Girls are taught to glamorize the lifestyle in this movie, as Emma becomes a millionaire and forms her own Brothel of Mystics, named Slither Inn, a name with surly double entendre.

    Emma Watson new Sexy Photoshoot, HQ Emma Watson Images

    In the image above, Emma finds out that Draco and Harry are stealing back to the world of humans to be united in a gay marriage in New York.  Angered, she uses her wealth to buy the expensive enchantments that are required to go to the Deathly Hallows, the guarded caverns of Askoban, so she can revive Voldemort, the former Lord of the Wizards in this JRK Tolkien series.

    The rest of the movie goes into fantasy violence, with emo band Xasthur and Blood on the Dance Floor having screaming battles of annoying cresendo and depression, then the standard dragon blood orgies and angered orc fights that take place in all of these films.  Shockingly, Emma did not expose her body much in this film and that was likely so it could keep it PG rating, so more kids could be indoctrinated by its witchcraft and homosexual motives.

    The end of the movie has Harry Malfoy and Draco Malfoy uniting together to take down Voldemort in a very well choreographed fight scene with impressive 3-d special effects.  The red haired child Ron died from being injected by a poison tipped spider and Hagrid, in a redeeming act of kindness, grabbed Voldemort at the last possible moment and made him fall into the deepest pits of the deathly hallows, where the giant satan scepter phallus symbol snake Basilisk was said to be waiting all comers.  Only moans and deep, intestinal grinding noises could be heard from the pit and the movie ended with Emma crying, looking up to the sky and seeing Harry and his now husband Ron grabbing each other’s wands and flying off into the moonrise.

    This movie series by JRK Rowling is full of twists and turns, but every ten minutes it is paced by a homosexual moment.  The writers from Glee must have also helped, because the cast randomly breaks into too-long and impossibly choreographed musical numbers, which hardly fit the plot of this movie.  All in all, this movie is terrifying and no place for college, high school or elementary school aged children as the ratings claim.  It is pure filth and an agenda piece from the left-wing.  Forbade your children from seeing it or they will end up little blood letting homosexual hipster vampires parents, and you know it’s all drugs and disease then miserable food stamp alley death from there.  Forbid this movie and keep British tabloid writers like Mr. JKR Tolkien’s atheist works out of America.  We are a Nation of God, not of Homosexual Vampire Witchcraft.

    Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
    Rating: S (Sinister) for wizardry, witchcraft, homosexual twinkle fingerings, twiddle rompus, Satanic love spells, evolution, Emma Watson exposures, flesh muggle mingles, language, violence

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