• Harry Potter Teaches Children to Be Mean to Homosexuals by Shooting Singing Saruman, the Gay Lord of the Rings

    July 11, 2011 9:01 pm 72 comments
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  • Stephanie Meyer is a mean-spirted writer who penned a grapic comic book novel “Harry Potter”, a crossover propaganda piece for witchcraft but also anti-homosexual motifs.  An eternal mission of ChristWire is to love all people and especially our supportive friends in the gay community, to whom Christ freely extends a hand of fellowship and love.

    So it is especially hurtful to see this scene from the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie, where a gay villain known as “Saruman” tries to sing a song of friendship to what appears like an older Potter cast.  It looks like Ron, perhaps tormented by his own latent deviancies with Emma Watson and Dumbledore the Gay in earlier films, shoot an Achilles arrow at Saruman, causing him to fall to his death.   Note Saruman is happily singing a common homosexual theme song, ‘The Merry Men”, an old English chap song where gays could apparently be heard singing in pubs into the late of night, until they engaged in fisting brawls of intestinal fury and shame.  It was all a drunk memory to them as they walkhed home, stiffly, to their families the next day.

    To have all this history tied into this movie and then disrespected by Meyer shows why kids these days have no multiculturalism or desire to pray the sin out of those who are wrongly different from them.  Again, parents, do not let your children go see Harry Potter.  This scene is very sad.

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