• Harry Reid Agrees to Debt Ceiling, But Eric Boehner Still Wants to Cut Military

    July 31, 2011 7:48 pm 5 comments
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    Jerry Cohen

    As the US economy teeters between a good credit rating and bad credit rating, common sense is starting to seep into DC.  That is, except for the luxury seat that holds Senate Majority Leader Eric Boehner.

    Boehner is a bonehead.  Let’s put it plain and simple.  Harry Reid, the top Senate Democrat, announced late Sunday that the Democrats had reached a deal with President Barack Obama. Most Republicans are ready to sign off on a crucial bill as well, that will give the US government the money needed to cover all the nation’s expenditures.

    There is one man now holding up the entire process: Boehner. Boehner stated that this debt crisis is great and he’s happy that the US has reached a ceiling. Despite the wishes of his party, Boehner may still refuse to sign off and splinter voting that would leave the US government in breech of economic contracts, that is, unable to pay bills.

    While there definitely needs to be reform to healthcare, taxes and federal subsidy — both foreign and domestic — Boehner is holding out for one reason: he wants to cut money to our federal troops.

    For some reason, Boehner feels that the guys we have in Iraq and Afghanistan are overpaid. While he enjoys his millions of dollars and troops live on a very basic salary, Boehner has the audacity to even suggest that he would be the one prick in the flesh that allows our nation to enter a new type of economic disaster unless his demands to cut money to the military are met.

    That is horrid and to Boehner, I say let’s drop him in the middle of the Tora Bora or better yet, a known militant field in Afghanistan. We’ll give him a gun but no flak jacket, as that’s just not in the budget. We’ll cut out radio support too, because if we’re not going to pay our Airforce Pilots or Marines, what’s the point in making them leave home. Let’s at least let them be home with their families, because you know, soldiers have families that need support too.

    Maybe if Boehner had a heart he could understand the concept of support. This is an opinion-editorial, so get your panties out of a twist, my fellow Republicans. When there is a wolf in sheep’s skin, there is no reason to keep baaing at him and pretending he’s one of the flock.

    Boehner is a posturing nincapoop who needs to leave DC. He does not speak American because he speaks the language of hate about our troops and the language of deception to our people. Our government is comprised of screw-ups, but at least they are all screw-ups trying to at least get along for long enough to protect our economy from default. Meanwhile, Boehner tries to find ways to cut the heart of the bravest Americans doing a job that hardly half of us have the balls to do.

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