• Hatemail: Angry Steampunk Fan Responds to Tyson Bowers III

    July 23, 2011 1:35 pm 45 comments
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  • This email sizzled with anger and urgency in the Holymailbox. A reader was taken aback with Deacon Tyson Bowers III’s thrilling expose in the dangerous Steampunk movement and all the furry acid orgies it is causing in college courtyards. Not wanting to sit-back and accept the truth, Dan from S.L.O. fired in this article and demanded it be posted. Believing in the first amendment, we are more than glad to let him have his say. You can also respond to articles at holymailbox@christwire.org

    (Please read the whole thing. It starts with condemnation, but ends in a plea for Truth. What I have to say is important, must be heard, must be read, must be spread. What I have to say is as important for you to hear as the Gospel is for the lost goat.)

    I’ve just discovered your site through the recent article about Steampunk. And it makes me feel ashamed to be Christian. There is no truth in the article. I posted my comment on the article (as Sherlock), but I feel something more needs to be said. Though I’m sure you get so much e-mail that you probably won’t take the time to read and think about what I say.

    First, I am Christian, myself. I’ve grown up Christian. My parents (who have been married for 30 years) grew up in Christian homes. My mother’s father was a Baptist preacher his whole life, and her two brothers, and two of her brother-in-laws are preachers. So I come from a long line of Baptists. However, due to the hatred and judgment that has infiltrated the church in the last few years, I have almost completely left the church (any and all churches). When the church jumps to conclusion about things like Steampunk, furries, Dungeons and Dragons, etc, and base all members of those groups on just a few extreme, it is VERY un-Christ-like.

    The Jesus that I read in my Bible (NIV, KJ, NKJ, NASB, ESV, DARBY, and the Apocrypha, etc), is not a man of judgment. In fact, when faced with an adulterous woman, and the Pharisees asking about her stoning, Jesus said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” As the Pharisees walked away, Christ looked at the woman and asked where her accusers went? Then he said the he does not condemn her. Jesus hung out with sinners. He loved everyone.

    My name is Daniel, which means “God is my judge.” We need to live this way, let God do the judging, we are to love.

    There is nothing about steampunk, furries, Dungeons and Dragons, MMOs, etc, that is anti-Christian, or enticing people to become gay, or engage in sex outside of marriage. Though I suppose the furry scene has been quite tainted, sex is not actually part of being a furry. Steampunk and furries, or cosplayers, etc, are just people who like to dress up in costumes, and hang out, and be nerdy. Like Trekkies, we are nerds. There is nothing about being a nerd that is anti-Christian. If your writers feel that being a nerd is sinful, than they really need to learn what sin is. Though I suppose the argument could be made that nerds worship these things. A nerd spends a great deal of time thinking about something, researching it, dreaming about it, etc. And those obsessions could be taking away time spent in the Word or in Prayer. That is the only way in which any of these things are dangerous or sinful. Actually, Christians could be considered nerds of a sort. The only difference is the subject matter. We, as Christians, obsess over our Bibles and prayer and worship. Nerds don’t hold our obsessions as deities, so, I don’t think there is anything wrong with enjoying it.

    Football and other sports are just as distracting from The Word as these “nerdier” obsessions. Yet how many people say that football is sinful (well, excluding that Superbowl Half-Time Show with Janet Jackson)? Football promotes scantily clad women, and obsessive drinking, and poor eating habits. Those are far more dangerous than playing a game of dice, or building a leather jacket that has copper tubes.

    Furthermore…….here’s a big blow….Jesus was the liberal of his time. He preached communism and socialism (parable of the vineyard and the workers that worked various amounts of time but all paid the same: one day’s wages, enough to survive a day, nothing more, nothing less). The Pharisees, which he preached against, were the conservatives. Jesus challenged their way of thinking, and told them that the religious laws were not the important thing, but that loving people was the important thing.

    I do hope this is read, and I hope you, whoever you are, think about these things. As someone who calls himself a Follower of the Teachings of Jesus Christ, I beg of you: think, understand, love, don’t judge that which you do not truly know (as we never truly know), and understand that the Conservative Christian is ruining what it means to be Christian (at least in the last few years). Repent from misdirection, and turn to the light that is the loving way, the way of Christ, that which puts to test the misguided dogma that has existed and exists in the church today. And please have others read this. This is where my heart burns, hoping to bring Truth to fellow Christians.

    As the Lutherans say: Peace Be With You.

    With much love,
    San Luis Obispo, CA

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