• Is FDR Power Group Behind American’s Stale Economy?

    July 27, 2011 9:02 pm 10 comments
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  • Does a secret FDR Power Group still exist in America and are there those who want to see the rise of Stalin and Mao in this nation?

    Democrats. Soviets. Communists.

    These three words are the bane of capitalism. When this Godly Nation was founded in 1776 as One Nation, Under God, President George Washington warned young America to always hold strong and fast against foreign influence.

    And as such, for generations, Americans pervaded. The spirit of Manifest Destiny inspired our forefathers to stretch the influence of this holy nation from sea to shining sea, so that the glory of our might and power would be known as a continental nation. An American nation. But the American dream has turned to a nightmare and we have only until August 2nd, the day America’s credit will be on the line, to figure out how and why.

    At the heart of America’s woes is a giant hill in Washington, DC, where a dark man of Moor influence clogs our nation’s vital veins of monetary flow with deadly plaques of Trotsky-laden fat-cat bailouts and loan giveaways. Slaving away in the kitchen of free money is Chef Obama and he’s doling up cakes and sweet pies baked from the stolen dough of your empty wallet, all so he can give his people free welfare. Our enemies, billions of dollars to organize their terror cells. Businesses, federal subsidy that violates Laissez-faire philosophy.

    In our hurry to brand Obama red with M for Muslim and B for Black Moor devildog anti-Christ, we overlooked a crafty plan of a deep cover KGB agency, one so secret that not even the likes of Vladmir Putin knows of it. This group is called the FDR Power Group and its intention, sinister.

    Our sources in DC warn of a Democrat Think Tank that is secretly stripping away America’s power and prestige. Their Dark Night is Barack Obama and it is no coincidence that the final Dark Knight Batman movie will be released in 2012, the very year the Mayans predicted the world to end.

    Obama’s symbolic end to his presidency will have us all thinking a moral man like Jeb Bush or even an irrelevant woman like Sarah Bachman will easily win and restore our nation to a Reagan scented path to hearty pride and glory, but that is a movie turning point in what’s going on here, my friends.

    The Dark Night Rises will take a whole new meaning because even when Obama is defeated by our prayers and votes, like a crisped Phoenix he will arise and not leave the White House. Just like FDR refused to only serve two terms, we will see that Obama will also not leave the White House until he has served 3 terms (12 years) in office and even scarier, there is another global war. And then we have the realization, Obama is fascinated with the number 12.

    Evidence Point: Obama performs a Fireside Chat Ritual, just like FDR did over 70 years ago.

    These revelations may seem far fetched, but when you consider that the Raelians are the masterminds behind the FDR Power Group, it all suddenly seems all in perspective for you.

    Every DC Insider knows that Barack Obama masticates his chops in earnest, lustful desire whenever a new socialist policy is introduced. Like FDR, Obama is a cripple. Not one of the legs, but one of loyalty and heart. For years everyone has speculated and wondered how and why Obama is so much like FDR: a golden tongue, a timeless Kennedy essence, yet, so sickening in his earnest desire to fellatio the taint of Stalin and Mao.

    It may all seem sick and perverted, and such is the science of unregulated genetic engineering. As discussed in last week’s ChristWire Weekly on KCAL TV, the Raelians are far beyond where expected in their abilities to genetically engineer. We all know about the 1999 research of Clinton-era ‘neural fusion’, that is, a process where preserved cerebral and hippocampus cells can be galvanized by small electric currents, cut with the restriction enzyme of EcoR1 and then within a rich protein mix of key amino acids and glycerides, be inserted into totipotent stem cells that are inserted in the brain matter of an existing human being. This neural fusion then allows ‘memory transfer’ to take place, that is, combining the personalities of a deceased person with a living man.

    Read the scary research yourself and hide the innocence of your wife and children when doing so.

    The fresh Wikileak from Assange’s colleagues confirmed a tragic truth that our sources in DC also alluded to: Obama has undergone neural fusion with Franklin Delano Roosevelt. This means the FDR Power Group, once to thought to be only of lore, is actually the Raelians.

    And as we know, the Raelians are fully manifested and responsible for the most dangerously liberal hive-mind think-tank in modern times: Reddit.com.

    It makes since that Obama’s overlords at Reddit want Fox News out of the way and want a return of FDR. FDR is the president who invented welfare in America, so what better guy to lead this nation to its final demise as a European Union ward of the state?

    Obama and Franklin Delano Roosevelt are of the same mind, and Reddit.com is behind it all.

    Mystery: Who is the FDR Power Group
    Answer: Reddit.com
    Status: Solved

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