• Is Sots CNBC Stock Market Watch Really Just a Chinese Communist Primer? sots.cnbc.com

    July 28, 2011 3:18 pm 8 comments
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  • Sots NBC is being regaled as the potential saving grace for wise American investment. But is the show instead a primer for Americans slowly accepting Chinese power and prestige in the new century.

    Squawk on the street, or SOTS CNBC, is a new television show that is supposed to give American investors a cool, new trendy show to ease their fears and encourage them to invest in proper markets.

    And while the notion of giving the people with money and ability to ease the American’s economy long road to recovery some Chicken Soup for the Economic soul is great, we have to ask if we’re talking good, hearty American chicken soup or Wongtong fuey poopoo platter at 3am intestinal gooleak soup. Because if it’s the latter, all you are going to see is China market and delivery places in your neighborhood.  Even the Pepto Bismol bottles will have Xingxing scribble writing all over it and you’ll take improper doses!

    Wake up, America. You cannot trust NBC. These are the little cabal of Judas level backstabbers who popularized Keith Olbermann, the nutcase who dared talk ill of the sage and gentle President George W. Bush. The American economy is best understood by men like President George Bush, Vice-president Dick Cheney and their obligatory Ivy-blood Jewish accountants like Alan Greenspan.

    Can you tell me why when China is threatening to saki saki our dollar into oblivion, we would trust this newscaster line-up?

    Let’s see, a normal guy with a trendy beard. A Chinese. Another Chinese and a woman at that at the head! Another normal man forced to stand behind the Chinese woman and then finally, a Jewish banker.

    Here’s the problem. First, women do not know much about the economy. Let’s get real. Let’s take a good, rational look at this. How many single mother households are there out their already destroying our economy with their Obamafare food stamps and health cards! Just making babies and no job to support them. This is the female mindset. They spend, spend spend and nest, with no plans on maintaining a reasonable supply of goods or household size.

    How many single father households do you see out there begging for government money? Hardly none! Why? Proper men have a natural desire and passion to provide for themselves. Even the black gangsters at least try to sell drugs or other illegal activities to earn a living, instead of just signing up for Obamacare like women are 93% more likely to do. At least there is some honor among thieves.

    But Squawk on a Box, SOTS CNBC, would have us believe that while China is stockpiling nukes they obtained from Clinton era betrayals, destroying our economy with outsourced jobs and bond buyouts and build-up of a billion person army, that two Chinese newscasters, and a beautiful and gentle faced woman on front would really have our best interest at heart.

    This is like an 80s nightmare apocalypse film. The Chinese are already sending over their alien ambassadors, to soften up our hearts and get us used to hearing the word “Yen” and “Saki wheat stock” in our news reports. They are going to try to convince everyone to buy into Chinese stocks and leave our poor, suffering American businesses to rot. MSNBC will stand for Mao Signaling Nations to Betray Christ.

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