• Isanyoneup.com – Using Facebook Against Your Children

    July 28, 2011 7:00 pm 129 comments
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  • In the land of social networks like 4chan and Google Plus Sign, there is no firewall strong enough to keep your children safe from cyber sex lords. A group of “eleet” hackers from the group “Digital H8” have developed a strong coded php website dedicated to harm your children and feed copious amounts of digital skin material to the digital homo gay underground. The website is called “Is Anyone Up” or “www.isanyoneup.com” for those who are tech savvy. The name refers to the nasty area of a homosexual and is asking them the question “Is your sin snake aroused from digital child fantasies?, cause if not we got the poison for your dagger.” The band widths of this site oozes sin, as it delivers thousands of fresh and fancy new photos of your children to the gay masses. The purpose of

    this website is to allow pedophiles to submit images of girls or boys they stock on Facebook and then the creators of “IAU” take those submissions and Photoshop their victims face’s onto some explicit images they found of Bing images. Once the Photoshop hacking is completed, they upload the images and make it seem like they are anonymously naked submissions of that person. These Photoshop images are called “gnargs”. After band width upload, they send out emails to their newsletter subscribers to let them know a new tasty treat of sinful child candy has been updated to their WordPress coded Tumblr blog. It is almost like a digital buffet for sick minded homosexuals and bi-curious hipsters. I can just see a lip pierced New Found Glory fan surfing the site while self sexing himself and thinking “I’d like a order of 16 year old emo twink with a side of half naked!” Even the Christian version of Net Nanny, “God Patrol”, lists this site as “Pornographically Chunky” and we had to call our IT department to open up a protected IP proxy to allow us safe access to this site. The amount of pornographic gigibites is uncountable and we for sure got at least one or two trojan mal-viruses on our computers. They have the typical self serving fetish categories like “Guy”, “Girl”, “Bands”, “Events”, “Contact” and “Advertise”, which seem like typical html links, but all open up a doorway to Internet twink-like sex gluttony. Here are some examples of their Photoshopping experiments. Please remove all children and women out of the room. Satanic imagery is to follow. These images are pure homosexual sin treats

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