• Jay Leno Misfires with Tasteless Casey Anthony NBC Satire

    July 7, 2011 4:35 am 1 comment
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  • Jay Leno’s comedy could not hit the broad side of a barn last night as he tried to make light of the entire Casey Anthony trial.  What a sick world we live in when the left-wing media whoremachine just cannot take things seriously.

    Do you remember when Jon Stewart cut Bush at every chance, until we had 9/11?  Then Jon Stewart cried like a schoolgirl and admitted he had no clue what stresses Bush had and marveled at how Bush comforted him to sleep at night.  Then, only weeks later, he was back to cutting the leader of the free world with childish poopy insults and fark jokes.

    But now, we see again the liberals cannot take anything seriously.  They are using this trial as a cash cow and to try to get ratings from our news leaders here and on our corporate affiliates like Wilkow, Real Watch and Fox.

    While all us moral people are outraged that yet another criminal walks the Earth and thumbs her nose at the Constitution with her Mexican laywer, Leno is making boring jokes. Give us Conan. At least he makes educated lemondrops in situations like these.

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