• Kate Middelton Yellow Dress Reveals Hoochiemomma Bum

    July 10, 2011 2:57 pm 48 comments
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  • We can see that someone has been taking fashion tips from flussy queen Michelle Obama.

    After having a laying saddened eyes upon the delicate truffles of rump of Kate Middelton yellow dress upskirt photos, I weep and fall and prayer warrior knees to pray for soul of this young woman.

    She is coumadin slut, like the tot mom Casey Anthony exposes.  I file this under danger for children because young girl will look up to her and try to play princess by lifting their skirtpants on the playground, and young boy will look up to her to see an exposed rump and grow a sinful pants monster in their leisure suits.

    Why must smooth tanner legs and tight muscle be revealed, then a juicy peak inside the lemon flesh to cause moist excitement juices to flow?  It is a very sour thought and must came from the enemy Satan.




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