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    July 4, 2011 2:41 am 5 comments
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    Las Vegas weather rages in hell hot heats, upward of 130 and even 145 degrees on the Vegas strip. God is angry.
    Today the people of Las Vegas are being used as fireworks for God, for every person in Sin City is exploding with the combustible sins of Vegas fornication.

    It is well known that Vegas is juiced with the deepest hickory scented marinades of writhing pelvis’ and lusty thighs. It’s all about sinflesh hookers and gambling debt problems, then people try to keep it secret.

    Too bad you sinful people forget that God has an all-seeing eye! His wrath is great and he has a great magnifying glass in hand, the Sun in his other, and he is using the Sun to shine through that magnifying glass so he can see you burn and suffer from a zoomed in perspective!

    Oh ye sot bellied sinners, why do you test a God who can do all this? Is a romp at Hotel Hookerlu and spending your home mortgage worth all this!

    Today, God even had mercy on Vegas and blessed them with some morning cloud cover, yet, you still see Vegas burned at sun searing temperatures. Telephone lines melted and poles lit like a match in the ground, casting the city in daytime darkness. A monsoon rolled in right after the heat blitz, casting a massive high wind over the town and crippling vacationers with skirts blown overhead and money out of grasping hands!

    This Las Vegas Weather is just a sign of what’s coming this summer. Heat wave monsoons in Vegas and fecal fury New York, guess what. You’re next. Mark your weather calendars, for God is angry and his weather wrath is nigh!

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