• Mexican Dirt Storm Envelopes Arizona Town

    July 7, 2011 3:26 am 6 comments
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    Ashley DeHart


    Today we see what happens when you do not allow a sheriff to profile against Mexicans.

    The town of Phoenix, Arizona, has hit a critical mass of Mexicans, or a CMM value as determined by experts.  During a CMM event, the skies are marked by a blackening, indicative of the natural squalor and dirtiness that is inherent within the illegal sneaker community.

    Resident Nancy Pollstrom stated, “It was terrifying, like our town was suddenly wrapped in that movie The Mist.  But instead of ugly, slimy monsters from who knows where, it’s worse and we have bug-eyed Mexicans emerging.”

    Within Phoenix alone, it is estimated that for every proper, normal American there are 4 sneaking Mexicans living within the town proper.  Another 80,000 – 90,000 likely live in the outskits of town, causing desert crosswinds to carry their dirty stench throughout the city.

    As if these facts were not scary enough, these Mexican dirt storms can carry a new type of virus, a pathogen known only as the airborne rabid swine flu, an advanced mutation of the normal B-type swine flu that terrorized you and murdered thousands of innocent Americans last winter.

    Dust storm 

     As darkness descends upon Phoenix, the state of Arizona is remiss that it does not allow fullout deportation techniques that could have prevented this entire storm center.  “If Tucson is Charlie Brown, Phoenix if Pig Pen” said one irate mother of 3 as she planned to stay with her parents in Maine, a clean state, until Arizona’s Mexican problem is under control.

    There is no word yet from the Red Cross on where donations can be sent to help people as they recover from the effects of too many Mexicans in one town.


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