• New DNA Sequencing Reveals Brains of Gays Contain Damaged Homo-DNA (hDNA)

    July 22, 2011 4:38 pm 41 comments
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  • Berkeley, CA – Novel new research conducted at UC Berkeley reveals what many have known all along: homosexuality (gay proclivity) is not inherited in a Mendelian sense, but rather is caused by a change to the body’s somatic cells.

    A crushing blow to the ‘genetic compontent’ gay community advocates, new research sheds light into what causes a person to choose to act in homosexual manner. Much like alcoholism, homosexuality is a disease. Abuse, genetic mutation to somatic cells of the brain (namely to cerebrum, cerebellum and the pia matter), psychological trauma, hormonal disorders and engaging in a gay lifestyle are now found as potential culprits to the debilitating disorder that plagues the life of nearly 5 million Americans.

    Within their research, the Berkley team discovered that gay lifestyles activate the same dopamine reward pathways that infest alcohol addicts.  These pleasure centers of the brain are enhanced by ‘sin-coding’ regions of the brain that are common to drug addicts.

    To put it simply:  no one is born an alcoholic or black crack fiend, yet, we see in life people can have their body chemistry and even DNA altered by taking in foreign substances, to the point that a somatic change occurs.  A somatic change simply means a change to the body’s original DNA structure.  Smoking can alter DNA to produce cancer cells.  Radiation can cause grievous, harmful mutation to germ and somatic cells.  Homosexuality can and will cause nearly irreversible damage to neurological cells.

    In the DNA model to the right, we can see a normal heterosexual Homo sapiens standard phosphorous bound DNA coding region, standard in a somatic cell of the body.

    To the right of this DNA, we see a corrupted chunk of homo-DNA.  This hDNA has been reproduced in recombinant manner, in vitro, from pig DNA.  In this base pairs, we can see homosexuality has altered the stereochemistry of the base pairs, resulting in differential bonding and rejection of things such as testosterone driven maleness seen in normal men, and femininity in women.

    Such phenomena manifest naturally in an extent and to date, Biblical scholars have traced this back to Satan’s sexual affair with Eve in the Garden of Eden.  When Satan spit his poisonous DNA within Eve’s womb, he infected the maternal germ cells of all humans, specifically, the Sry gene.

    The Sry gene is what God uses to separate girls and boys at birth.  If this gene becomes damaged or deformed, a person with an XY chromosome set (which should produce a male) cannot bind male-causing factors, trapping a man in the body of a woman.  Reports and fan accolades show Jamie Lee Curtis apparently suffers from this and is supposed to be a man.

    But beyond Satan’s initial destruction of human sexuality, today we’re seeing a much more complicated schema within our DNA model.  And as we scientists continue to tear apart the human genome, to better understand the diseases of the body and how to make everyone normal and happy, we see the disturbing effects of homosexuality manifest in case after case.

    Why is it that gay men have awkwardly shaped heads as they go through life, then develop a gay accent?  Is it forced behavior or an underlying ‘intersexing’ that’s taking place within the brain?  While convential wisdom held that it was the former, the power of science reveals that it is the latter.

    Lesbros, the gruff women who sulk out of sports bears and ride Harley Davidsons, act like Cromagnon neanderthals because at the root of their genome, their phenotypic plasticity allows the brain to be ‘bent’ in such a way that the trcyclo-DNA confirmation (hDNA) seen above takes formation.  While research shows this development is more prone to non-African genomes, a casual look at the WNBA reveals lesbianism is just as prevelant in African-origin communities than Caucasian, Asian or American.

    Neanderthal Genetics and Propensity for Homosexual Mutation

    A chiseld chin, a broad cheek line and tough, weathered skin, like a wayward pirate seeking refuge from Redcoat tyranny.  This image of a hybrid Neanderthal is our key in discovering how tricyclo homoDNA starts to form in humans.

    The hybrid, weak-bonding nature of neural cells in humans is a tale of our ancestral and incestual past.  Adam and Eve were the first humans on Earth, but as the Bible proves, Satan is a master geneticist and has always been fascinated with mutating human DNA.  And just as he whispers into the ears of genetic researchers who attempt to clone humans, Satan likely employed restriction enzymes like EcoR1 to test if a human body’s and more importantly brain’s genetic codons could be swapped between male and female without causing death.

    The findings are startling:  they can.  Gay men can start to think like a women should, and vice-versa, and lifestyle choices and environmental factors act like the catalyst.

    To the right, we again see the DNA of a normal person and that of a homogay fecal fister.  Look at how the DNA disbands in the non-normal person, but remains in regic Godly perfection in those who have pure hearts and pure mind.

    Homosexuality is the new spitfruit of Satan, fellow readers.  These people are trying to infiltrate our schools with gay thoughts and teachings.  In California, we see the liberal courts are being bigoted against Christians and all other decent Americans by forcing children to learn to be gay.

    They know just with the power of thought, the human body can become so damaged that it thinks gays are normal.  An alteration can happen to the DNA, just from exposure to homosexual lifestyles and teaching.  It is no different than plying a child with alcohol or scarier shooting them up with marijuana and cracked cocaines from a prowling black.

    And when this happens, the brain will slowly become denatured in sin, a process still being studies by us scientists, to the point that it becomes saturated in hDNA.  A child, just by thought, can become gay.

    And due to this research, we must boycott and appeal California’s decision to force all chidren to learn about gays in school.  It is not right and a new drug that will destroy their brains.

    hDNA.  It is what happens when you put a normal mind on homosexual drugs.  Any questions?

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