• New Emo Raver Band Modestep Offends with Geriatric Ecstasy Induced Orgies Video (Modestep – Sunlight)

    July 17, 2011 4:09 pm 21 comments
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  • As we continue to monitor the Emo-raver culture we find these kids reach newer heights of depravity day by day.  Just when you think you have guarded your suburban sons and daughters from this depraved urban druggie culture scene, we find they are marketing themselves with YouTube videos.

    In the following clip, Emo-raver band of the year Modestep is producing geriatric pornography.  They have thrown a skittles party and forced old people to think they were just reaching in for a nice basket of candies from little Suzy, but instead they were treating themselves to cracked cocaine laced ecstasy droplets.

    In Modestep’s song Manifesto of Rave, they make the agenda of their followers pretty clear:

    For all my Juggalos Bros out there! (“Juggalo” is what male emo-ravers call themselves on the street)
    say what! say what!
    Snatch that juggalete sluts underwear! ( a juggalete is what raver juggalo’s call a suburban girl they’ve forced to lie and say she’s going to the mall, but instead goes to one of these concerts and is exposed to at least 5 multicolored glowsticks trying to twaddle prod her as seen in the next lyrics)
    her butt!, her butt!
    paint her fluorescent from the inside,
    don’t let her hop of your magic ride,
    until you shoot your pony’s stream,
    she drops the E and screams,

    And the song just gets worser from there. You can tell these fools lack education because the Ecstasy drug has fueled their minds at these secret sex parties where they abduct college girls and induce their minds to want to do unthinkable things and get them pregnant with indiglo babies.

    Last month there was apparently even a “Dayglow” party to celebrate the lyrics of Moonstep’s ‘song of the year’ and the stats were alarming.

    Now it seems the depravity and sex cravings infamous within this demographic occult culture is exploring a new frontier, our nation’s elderly. Imagine the horror of going to visit grandma, to only find her passed out in the corner and painted with drug hallucination color pallets, vomit on her breath smelling like stale whiskey, nachos and manmust. She will only belch out “Modestep orgy” “Modestep orgy” as the flashbacks from the night before torment her like no other memory. This is very sad and exactly what will happen to the lucky ‘booming grannies’ these sick freak raver fanatic radicals are going for.

    The video you are about to see is very disturbing but necessary to view to understand just what makes these people and this Wiccan occult tick. Raver is the new witchcraft, holding terrifying festivals of unholy concoctions and Satanic squeels they try to pass of as music. Know it’s all just another music ploy by Satan to recruit souls for hell. Why do you think they all were soot black? Here it is, Modestep Sunlight video (“Sunlight” being a play on their Dayglow heroine parties).

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