• News Corp Murdoch Scandal, A Piers Morgan Led Liberal NBC Euro Conspiracy

    July 19, 2011 9:51 pm 13 comments
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  • America’s Got Talent’s Piers Morgan and NBC lead conspiracy to debrand America’s strongest bastion for Republican news, Fox News, and it’s Golden Knight, Mr. Rupert Murdoch.

    The left wing media whore machine is on the prowl again. With 2012 just around the corner, the liberal horders of yellow journalism know they must make their move to ensure their dark savior’s reign continues for another 4 years. Liberals lust to have Obama in office. And because of that, America is at a crucial point, its fate, our fate, teetering on the precipice point between Superpower Ruler or 3rd World Nobody.

    We stand to fall into the mucky quagmire of failure with all the other nation’s on Earth.

    Only Barack Hussein Obama and his liberal benefactors in Europe can finish us off. The fatcat executives at MSNBC and CNN, along with their Trotsky-felating political friends in the Democrat Party and European Union want a new world order, one that cannot be achieved as long as Uncle Sam draws a breath and defies anyone, especially a palor skinned, mouth-breathing European throne groveling swine fiend politician, tell us what to do.

    So for this reason, the Euros hatched a scheme to overtake American media. America is a Godly nation destined to rule and guide humanity with peace and love. We have shown this ability time and time again. Yet, the hordes are defiant. The Barbaric norsemen still come screaming and flailing at us with roid-fueled rage, refusing to admit that they are defeated and now parented by a nation whose manifest destiny is proven by the extent of our economic borrowing and military might.

    The road to recovery for America is information.  An informed nation can vote for the correct people, so that this nation can be as powerful as it was during the peaceful Reagan and Bush era.  There is one news station on TV who stands for traditional American values and that station is Fox News.  It’s CEO, Rupert Murdoch.  To destroy America, to destroy our ability to be educated voters, there must be a concerted effort to wipe out America’s primary source for television news.  And MSNBC and their new golden boy, Piers Morgan, are drumming their war drums.

    Piers Brosnan Morgan, laughing it up with high-end girls and poised to become the new ‘King George’ of American media.

    The entire Rupert Murdoch scandal started when liberals drugged Larry King in the early 1990s.  Originally planned to be the first ‘pundit drive’ news show, King disappointed his CNN handlers when he defied corporate heads during George Bush Sr.’s legendary pregnancy.   Larry King allegedly found out a new, horny, deprived governor from Arkansas was planning to become president of the United States.

    This governor’s name was Bill Clinton and he had a track record for sharing his mansauce with too young interns, all while sharing Arkansas’ nuclear secrets with his friends the communist Chinese.  Larry King planned to reveal these things but then, went silent.  He was drugged with a special mind-altering substance called 5-oxy-3-methyl hydroxlysulfate methadone and in addition to opening him up for brainwashing, this substance had the effect of making his body engage in a living rigor mortis, which is why King’s shoulders were forever shrugging higher and higher, a painful force of muscles which made King dependent on pain killers.

    While all this was going on, NBC worked to groom America for a new British invasion, a tyrant King George.  On America’s Got Talent, weekly Americans were perplexed by stiff British humor and smug, ironic sarcasm that seeped from Piers’ blowhole.  Behind all the flashy lights, cirque de sol thigh exposes and Howie Mandel’s unique propensity for germ evading, while Grandmama Sharon brings the only sense of decency, America was being groomed to accept a new-age British monarch.

    With all the jesters in his court receiving red X’s of doom, no matter their talent (unless weirdly droll, which this Piers person seems to enjoy), America was fooled to once again try to prove itself worthy to a British master.  And with the highest viewership in all television, America’s Got Talent was poised to launch Piers as America’s most trusted man in news, us submitting to him our stories to see if they meet his approval.

    There was only one obstacle:  Newscorp, the media giant that owns Fox News, Sky News and most prominently, News of the World.

     How Did the Whistleblower Really Go Belly-up, Piers?

    The big story this week is the whistleblower who claimed Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World hacked into cell phone data for everyone, from celebs, to military to British Royals.  Then, there was an even more bizarre twist.

    The whistleblower ended up dead and the two top cops in England resigned right before.

    Was that not the murder movie mystery plot on NBC last week?  Really, this sounds like a Lifetime or NBC movie of the week and it just goes to show Murdoch is being framed, and who would want to do this more than the liberal whoredogs of America.

    These liberals love nothing more than to make wild theories and sell it as fact, so Americans will be fearmongered into voting for commie nuke giving adulters like Bill Clinton or even worse, Muslim nati0nals named Barack Hussein Obama.  Only today, Obama announced America will be taxed $1 trillion more dollars and he gives money to Pakistanistine to rebuild after an Israeli attack, all so they can funnel money to Iran where they are building secret nukes to give to the Chinese and Russians so they can declare nuclear armageddon on America!

    Piers, you’re getting the red X!

    Murdoch is being framed by the liberal whore media machine and it is so clear that it’s playing out like a Monday Night Movie.  Guess what?  Out of the way, CNN and NBC, because we will unleash a weapon far more power than your lies and smoked mirrors.  We shall unleash prayer!

    I pray and every other true American prays Fox News will continue to dominate the rating charts and that you shall fall even behind CBS.  We pray this and that Murdoch’s American News Machine continues to spread morality and helps us run an unbiased news campaign to smear Obama right out of office and put in a good, Christian man like Jeb Bush or even settle for a money mormon Romney.

    Just as long as he’s not a terrorist-supporting hibjabby bobby named Obama we are satisfied.  Nice try, NBC.  We caught your movie plot in the opening act!

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