• Obama Nation: Florida Babies Now Addicted to Pills

    July 31, 2011 8:14 pm 21 comments
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  • Shocking news from Florida, Babies now turning to ER for Drug Seeking Habits

    Florida pediatricians are reporting a devestating discovery: statewide, there is an increase in pill abuse by babies.

    In a targetted cohort between 2 – 5 years of age, CW Polling found that 78% of the surveyed displayed classic signs of pill addiction. While many have asked if parents are intentionally getting their babies addicted to pills or if perhaps the addiction is secondary to substance abuse during pregnancy, we find that neither is the case.

    Finding treatment centers for addicts from all walks oflife can be easier if you get your hands on a an addictiontreatment program locator online.

    The addiction seen in Florida babies is the direct result of Obamacare. Without worry of time or copay in Florida, mothers on Obamacare are stealing to local ERs to have their babies treated for ‘fussiness’ and ‘tooth pain’. While these things are traditionally treated with rest or maybe a warm milk bottle, the new age of ‘Obamamommas’ is resulting in all these babies who are already on a life path of attending dangerous EDM raves and worse.

    While a formative solution on educating mothers on basic parenting skills like burping a full child, making them ‘ride out’ a bout of flu or maybe giving them OTC Tylenol to treat a fever may seem reasonable, with our budget being shot the more effective solution is to start charging relatively expensive copays on the state-issued, federally funded insurances these mothers uses.

    The less poor people getting slipped pain pills and other pills to make their babies ‘feel better’, the less our nation spends on these non-working lowlifes. And better, the less future drug dealers being born in our street.

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