• Operation Snowfire: Chinese Feminist Lucretia Changing Gold Price with Monex, Congressional Trouser Tingling

    July 30, 2011 4:40 pm 14 comments
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  • US Government Intelligence Uncovers Operation Snowfire, Chinese Planning to Brainwash American College Girls in China to Become Feminist Lucretia, Changing Gold Price with Monex and Congressional Pant Tingling

    Geishas are a terrifying breed of Chinese spy women who are trained seductresses. Glamming up in enough make-up and dresses to give any Hollywood homo a jealous rise, for years these women have seduced nuclear secrets and economic trading tips from American businessmen simply trying to invite the primitive Chinese into the Western world.

    With America’s economy in the throes of death from Maobama’s greedy spending and socialist programs, the Chinese are getting antsy to finish our Godly nation off. The Chinese understand that with America out of the way, they can not only conquer the Western world, but every single lesser country of the world.

    The Africans would stand no chance, once again forced into the very slavery we freed them from. The Russo-Europeans, no better, as Chinese soldiers twinkie-filled screaming wives with yellow dong fury, baking up their next litter of half-loyal citizens 9 months later. Let’s not even talking what the Chinese would do to all you poor European men. Even the terrorists, you Arabs and Indians, you would face horrors unknown under the golden terracotta boots of endless Chinese communist conscripts.

    But the first wave of Chinese destruction will not be yelling death dragon soldiers whose eyes glint with furious hate. It will be the painted faces of women who are trained to seduce American men with supple touches and flashes of Asian toned delights. These women will be geisha, but my friends, they will not be Chinese. They will be the daughters of America.

    Last year, Abe uncovered the sinister machinations of Sinojap collusion in training these women. At the time it was unknown, but this video contained the makings of Operation Snowfire. Researchers had thought this was simply evidence of Japanese/Chinese conspiracy to seduce American men and force us into adultery when we go to China on business. The heart of a committed, Godly man does not yearn to secretly climb into bed with a squealing Asian women who will contort their bodies into all sorts of positions of perversions, eagerly letting us spill deeper and deeper into them while loudly moaning our name in a foreign flicked tongue accent.

    Before going any further, let’s review Abe’s expose of a long-known, yet hidden, Asian government conspiracy:

    Japanese schools are teaching their young teen school girls classes on how to seduce us in our American language! They always try to pretend that Japnese education is gooder than ours but you see these lowlifes are literally learning their children how to ‘sucky, sucky, five dorrah you make my juice frow!’.

    Yeah, you liberals whine and say I’m making all this up but you just watch this following filthy videos then try to cry about cultural sensitivity! Warning: The following video is highly immoral. Please pray and immediately have any women/children leave the room before viewing.

    This is one but a billion of those Japasians and I’ll tell you what. They can keep their filthy man seducing ways to theirselves, putting sticks in their hair and painting their face like mimes!

    My blood is boiling with the rage of many exploding Suns right now and I pray that God’s wrath strikes down their universities and grade schools with a holy tsunami this summer, right in their American language classrooms.

    If this were World War II I would laught with delight as I reported these videos then watched as our American military put involved saki prostitute devilwhores where they belong!

    Liberals will try to say this is all fine and a part of culture, but we’ll see what they say when their young son dies from cancer or AIDS because he got a little “OOOO suck suck 1 dorrah!” on his twiddler rumpus and lived out his final days sticken with bird flu and all the other Asian virus!

    My friends this is why we must stop the Asians from peddling their filth in this Godly nation. They are training their women to attack our men with sex! Let us leave comments and DEMAND this filth be taken out of our American country!

    The only juices frowing will be the the marinade Satan uses when he grills all involved parties upon the propane grills of HELL!

    Such fiery passion and concern must fill our hearts at this very moment. Using President Bush’s doctrine of Preemptive Strike, the Chinese have adopted a formative plan to seduce American men in our very country.

    As if these drunken, vajazzled sorority girls and office place cougars with unbuttoned blouses were not enough, we know have to worry about Homegrown Geishas who will try to ply us with sex and get us to break our commitment to the American economy.

    Operation Snowfire

    Operation Snowfire is simple in its brilliance. Simply take naive, desperate college girls and pay them to paint themselves to look like Asian geishas and then attack America’s power elite to do subtle things that hurt the economy.

    The Chinese are calling their new converts Feminist Lucretia, a play on the name Mexicans give to their faux-aged street prostitutes in Russian black leathers. These Feminist Lucretia are college students at Dartmouth or Georgetown University by day, but at night are sneaking to Capitol Hill to let Congressmen and House Representatives climb their fertile valleys and dip into their pools of iniquity, time and time again.

    Most spoiled, naive-minded college girls have a tendency to love expensive, overpriced sushi. The problem is they often lack the means to eat it themselves, and thus force whoever they are dating or married to to buy it. When this fails, they wills simply entice a married, more powerful man who can afford sushi dinners to take them out for sushi night. They will use vajazzled enticements and clothed loin thrusts to achieve this end.

    Operation Snowfire Feminist Lucretia Changing Gold Prices with Monex
    Two American girls have been converted to lesbian Feminist Lucretias, the new gang of sex-wielding college sorority girls brainwashed by the Chinese. These girls are allegedly brainwashed by “Insane Clown Posse” music that plays in Los Angeles and DC Area trendy sushi bar karaoke, then are given the psychotropic compound Faygo to ply congressional leaders with in sleep to make them susceptible to mind-altering messages. This image was allegedly taken in the same hotel Speaker Boehner lodged within before denying a resolution to America’s debt crisis yesterday. – credit LA Weekly

    Chinese Geisha Converting Center in Los AngelesWise to this sociological observation, the Chinese have built Feminist Lucretia training depots throughout America’s biggest cities. These ‘sushi restaurants’ have dual purpose in brainwashing college girls, but even more dangerous, serving as terminal points where Monex passwords stolen from Senators are employed via backdoor hookups to Chinese internet connections.

    The Chinese are changing gold prices with Monex, so they can drive down the backing power of the American dollar and replace it with their rare silks and spices, just as in the olden days. Senators and House Leaders in DC are not wise to it, for after being exhausted by the endless sexual libido of a sorority girl geisha girl “Snowflake” in bed, they are inundated with Chinese brainwashing the sorority girl will play on an MP3 player.

    When the Senators awake, they mindlessly log into a computer, create a Monex account and then start funneling US government money into Chinese stocks. More powerful senators have started to even ship gold from Fort Knox, as seen in this unbelievable sex scandal.

    All that gold was shipped to China, where it was destroyed in molten lakes of fire.

    Operation Snowfire is a real threat and do not think you are safe from being accosted by one of these sultry, slutty geisha girls who have been taught unimaginable Chinese pleasure techniques. While they force you into bed to do horrible things to you, their brain is simply waiting for the moment you spend and release, so they can begin the process of brainwashing another young American. If a young girl with too much make-up hits on you at the bar or in public, run. Warn your college Sons to do the same thing.

    It may be a homegrown terrorist of Chinese design, unwittingly gunning to shoot down America’s economy. The last hope of Earth before the rise of the fiery Chinese Menace.

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