• Playstation Network Down Again

    July 6, 2011 7:52 am 18 comments
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  • Grubby little Cheet0s-stained hands are idle today, because God has once again knocked the Playstation Nework Down.  Playstation Network is down and the Casey Anthony trial is to blame.

    Just like every one of us, God was eagerly awaiting the verdict of ‘GUILTY’ for Casey Anthony and must have been just as shocked as everyone here when somehow, this woman was found innocent.

    How immature of a society do we have when you can get more in trouble for losing a dog than losing your child by killing her and then burying her.  Don’t give me that hogwash that ‘oh there was not enough forensic evidence.  Bullhonky!

    Now God is just striking randomly.  When I learned the Playstation system was down today I first thought about blaming the Chinese and then the gays, but it just didn’t feel right.  God whispered to me and let it know it was the sheister Mexican defense lawyer who pulled the devil’s wool over the jury’s eyes.

    Young people, let this be a lesson to you.  God is trying to get your attention.  You cannot play your little Playstation network today because a woman got away with ruining an innocent life, just like gays want to do to you too.

    Even though it is tragic, God is using this opportunity to show you that he will strike randomly if you mess with children.  If he’s taking down a global communication network just for this one trial, just imagine what he will do to you if you grow up and vote to allow universal gay marriage.  He may just knock all of Earth back into the stone age.

    No one knows the hour when God will let the Playstation Network come back on line, so just suck it up and stop being obese children.  It is summer time.  Go outside and play a real game or if you are a girl, go learn some good domestic skills so you are not a terrible mother like a certain someone we don’t even have to name.

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