• Politicians Screwing the Old AGAIN.

    July 14, 2011 5:52 pm 23 comments
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  • Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
    -paraphrased from William Congreve.

    Oh you think a scorned woman is pissed off? You haven’t seen an 81 year old woman who isn’t getting a social security check next month! I am pissed! I am super pissed! I am Super Fly TNT, Jimmy Snuka pissed.

    Once again politicians are fighting each other. Who will lose? OLD PEOPLE! Well guess what skippy, I am old and I vote. I also have a cane I will be sticking up Harry Reid’s sodomy hole if I don’t get my money.

    What is the problem? I will tell you the problem. In 2000 this country elected a mental retard to be our President. This retard put his friends into power beside him. People who’s most notable experience was running Horse Associations. Guess what. This retard and his merry band of retards ruined the country. Americans were so mad that we elected a Muslim mulatto who could talk a pretty game but was too ineffectual to gets things done when he had a majority of democrats and a majority of Americans supporting him. Soon Americans decided he wasn’t half white but half black and then went back to electing a bunch of retards into government. Now we have super idiots on both sides who wont give in.

    They think they are right and are willing to let Americans suffer until they get what they want. Because they think they are right. But they aren’t! None of them. They are all stupid rich morons who have the IQ of monkeys. These idiots in Washington are the best excuse for evolution I have ever seen. I would prefer to think the primates in congress are derived from monkeys than humans made in God’s own image. It would explain so much!

    The issue at hand is spending. America is in debt like a 20′ something nerd who just went to Comic Con, Or an emosexual that just came back from Hot Topic. We need to stop borrowing money and pay off the debt. In fact we are so in debt we can not borrow more unless we raise the debt ceiling. So both sides have issues they want looked at before we can do something to get our country moving again. Instead of selling back Texas to the Mexicans or California to the Chinamen, we are screwing the old people. Because the evolved monkey retards can’t come to a decision, they are going to make America suffer by shutting down the government.

    The first group to suffer will be those on Social Security. My husband paid into Social Security all of his life, and I have too. So have my children and so have you (unless your a foreigner reading this). We are told that we have to pay into this. We have no choice. But when we need it, when we get old it will be here for us, that is what we are told. Millions of old people depend on it. It is their only means of supporting theirselves. But because some gay butt loving monkey men in Washington can’t get their way they want countless old people to be unable to pay their rent. Buy food. Buy the drugs that keep them alive.




    I apologize for my language but I am really mad. I have friends who have led proud lives, they were workers, soldiers, mothers, parents. And they have no idea what they are going to do next month. How will they make ends meet? How will they pay the doctor? How will they LIVE?

    Because some rich idiot in Washington can’t get what he wants?

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