• Reddit Raelians Hack News of the World, Destroy Rupert Murdoch

    July 7, 2011 6:47 pm 33 comments
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  • Reddit is a poorly designed  html 1.0 site founded by homosexual Japanese college dropouts who are all followers of the Raelian religion.

    The logo and site were created in the late 1970s, initially as a counter-war protest net.o by a group of Japanese students who were still smarting over ‘American aggression’.   Using their advanced American Morse hacking techniques gleened from years in anti-Democracy Japanese school systems and university,  these prototype ‘script kiddies’ were able to access America’s NORDROM, or, the precursor to what we know as the internet.

    What the Raelians failed to realize, even until this day, is that the internet is a two-lane highway.  Information can come in, but it also goes out.

    When the CIA discovered the primitive Reddit site, even in the 1970s they were appalled.  Had Japanese children managed to master HTML and cobble together a crude community for their imagination, or was it a scheme more perverse, a dashing look into the deepest, most lustful beliefs and desires into the Japanese mind?  With one click of the button, we began to unfold the true religion, thoughts and habits of Japan through Reddit.com.

    Reddit Raelians:  A New Anti-US, Anti-Morality Movement

    The key hallmarks of Raelian Reddit movement is a rabid defense of homosexual and socialist policies.  The radical liberal teachings that fester and corrupt the minds of our college students is a plague born from the Japanese orginators of this mess.

    It has long been the goal of Reddit.com to:

    1)  Legalize Universal Homomarriage, public right for anal docking and destroy Rupert Murdoch*/any moral news organization.

    2Legalize marijuana, so more people will become brainwashed from this mind-altering drug that smokes like LSD and then believe in the bizarre religion of Reddit.

    3)  Make people believe it is possible to become immortal by creating advanced computer programs that can ‘download’ the brain, and then downloading your brain into a new cloned body.  A look into Reddit’s science section is a peek into stark naked perversion:  tentacle sex orgies, brain experiments, zombie fascination, flesh rendering to achieve orgasm and finally tying it all together with fantasy science propaganda on techcrunch.com and even doubly worse wired.com (wired, another reference to marijuana culture.  To become ‘wired’ on marijuana means you have become addicted).

    4)  Destroy America to get revenge for World War II by supporting Democrats like Barack Obama, who believe in global governments, communism and making comedies about abortions of American children.

    Raelian movement still thrives with its origin site Reddit.com. These ‘seedlings’ of Rael, the administrators of Reddit, boast their original “Destroy America with Homosexual Agenda”, written in their Japanese language on the signs. Notice their mascot, a Raelian, its computer-like head being a symbol of Raelian religious belief that we can download our brains into a computer, where Democrats can then ‘whitewash’ it and reprogram it with purely liberal thoughts. They will then upload these brains into a new cloned body (the poorly drawn body of the alien, to represent imperfection in cloning techniques due to mytotic spindle errors) and have a larger liberal army. The more immortal humans that are created, the more powerful Reddit and their liberal Democrat Japanese homosocialist religion would become in their scenario.

    Reddit, Destroying the Media Giants One by One

    Reddit uses ‘Soshdong Sudoku’, a perverted homosexual brainwashing technique first discovered in the Hubei region of China. When China was attacked by Japanese Nazis during World War II, the Hubei region met Japan with defiance. It is said the men of the region homosexually attacked Japanese soldiers, catching them off guard by standing fully erect and without clothing as they prepared for battle.

    Though the Chinese did not suspect that in Japanese culture, men are enticed by such things (all Japanese men participate in Kanamara Matsuri on their 18th birthday.  Kanamara Matsuri Yaoi roughly translates to kissing of 18 penis scepters), later scholarly study revealed that the Chinese were forced to teach Japan how they were able to brainwash all the men in the Hubei region to act like bona-fide homosexuals.

    The answer, marijuana.

    Marijuana is a hallucinogenic compound that causes cancer and drug addiction.  It smokes like LSD and addicts oft times reveal it packs the punch of ‘Black Ice’, or crystal meth cocaine laced with formaldehyde.  For this reason the Republican party, Drug Free America, ChristWire, Fox News, Digg.com and myriad other conservative organizations remain vigilant in the fight against this drug in America and in the lesser countries of the world.

    Reddit wants to legalize marijuana, so more men will turn homosexual, a key to the Raelian movement.  As you can see with Reddit’s administrators in the image above, they all wear homosexual pink and in their Japanese lettering, reveal their agenda for the the world to become homosexual via brainwashing, which they will do in two parts.

    Step one is a media war, where they support sites like Huffingtonpost-AOL and destroy sites that are bound by conservatism, most notably Fox News, The Daily Mail and Sky News, our corporate superstars.

    In Reddit’s latest attempt to destroy America and bring in an ‘immortal army of hacking homosexuals’, they have targetted Fox News.  Last week, they hacked the servers of Fox News to make them ‘tweet’ that our American President Barack Obama had been harmed.  Not content with tarnishing Fox’s reputation, they went straight for the heart of Rupert Murdoch’s new love child, News of the World, which is the United Kingdom’s largest and most respected newspaper.

    In an ultimate attempt to destroy American News credibility, Reddit.com has done the unthinkable.  Just as seen with the Zimmerman Telegram and Gavrilo Princip killing the archduke, or even more memorable when Muslim terrorist Sirhan Sirhan of the Black Hand assassinated Robert Kennedy, Reddit has thrown the world into turmoil.  We are on the brink of war.

    With but a push of a button, Reddit has discredited News of the World, a chief property of Rupert Murdoch.


    Reddit is trying to finish of Fox News, News of the World and ultimately, News Corp, the organization that has brought us our most staunch allies: Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Mike Huckabee, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and many more. It is through our alliance that we and the Christian Coalition, Family Rights Council and Real Clear Politics are able to police the world and report on what dangers we need to boycott, praise or condemn.

    And all this now stands in the fray, as Huffington’s ally in Reddit.com has masterminded a scheme to make it look like News of the World hacked the phones of soldiers who had fallen in our War on Terror. The work is impressive and only something so menancing and exact in calculation, it could be done by an American or Japan. And since Reddit is owned by Japanese Raelians, we know who is responsible.

    The headlines are already rolling in from the UK and will hit America in the morning:
    Coulson 'to be arrested tomorrow'...

    Gov't decision on SKY takeover 'delayed'...
    'Shocked and amazed'...
    End of an era?

    And the most harrowing of all.

    An End to the World of Moral Reporting.

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