• Redneck, Black or Mexican: A New Highway Pastime.

    July 31, 2011 5:29 pm 34 comments
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  • Atlanta is known for it’s disgusting traffic. Rush hour in the morning and afternoon can make a normally wonderful Christian lady “lose her religion” at time like this I find it helps to keep your mind occupied. It helps if there are others in the car, but sometimes conversation wears out. And as enjoyable as reading from the good book is I dont recomend it during traffic. Even if the traffic is crawling along at 5 mph. God may be your co-pilot but maybe the idiot that is about to cut you off is an athiest without a godly co-pilot or worse an Islamacist suicide bomber that is looking for martyrdom with his pagan Ahlah co-pilot

    Along time ago the game Slug Bug was popular. Who ever was first to see a Volkswagon Bug punched the other player. It passed the time and served the purpous to remind us that owning foriegn cars is a slippery path to the pain of damnation. There is Eye Spy, but who wants to play 20 questions about something? Anyway in our modern world most of those games are obsolete, much like myself I am afraid.

    But the other day I picked up one of my great grand kids for the day, and we played a wonderful new game that his parents had been taught him.

    It is called simply “Redneck, Black or Mexican”.

    The rules are simple as well. In traffic (this works best on at least a 4 lane road) you see a pick up truck ahead of you and you guess as to the ethnicity of the driver. Is it a Redneck, Black, or Mexican? Now that you know the game and rules lets see how well you can do. Answers will be at the end.

    Picture #1

    Picture #2

    Picture #3

    Picture #4

    Picture #5

    Picture #6

    Picture #7

    Picture #8

    Picture #9


    Picture #1: This was an easy one. Notice the confederate flag, NASCAR 29, and Deer on the tag. REDNECK.
    Picture #2: Big wheels = Black
    Picture #3: Typical gaudy Mexican
    Picture #4: Black
    Picture #6: Redneck
    Picture #7: Mexicans are the only people who paint tacky murals on they’re cars.
    Picture #8: Redneck
    Picture #9: Mexican

    As usual, if you love your country please protect it from these dangers, and keep a keen Christian eye on Christwire.org! Have a comment? We would love to hear from you! Please post below and to communicate with me personally add me as a friend on facebook.

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