• San Francisco Police Accused of Shooting Student over $2 Bus Fare (Warning: Shocking and Graphic)

    July 18, 2011 12:45 pm 10 comments
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  • In the gay-friendly city of San Francisco, tragedy has left the community at large upset and questioning the allegations in a shocking case.  As we see in the following video footage, police officers have allegedly gunned down an innocent, unarmed student over a $2 bus fare.

    This video brings up a question that is oft asked:  in this world of forceful politicians and power-hungry liberals, is America at risk of losing our freedoms.  Obama’s TSA is already two-steps away from being accused of goosestep SS Nazism, rounding up citizens into organized lines and forcing innocent civilians to endure torture before being herded onto large transport vehicles.  How far behind are our local police from being federalized and given the same authority?

    Will the day come when the police can just shoot us and strip search us, all because ‘we may be terrorist’?  If we do not stop TSA from mining away our freedoms with illegal cavity searches at the airport, we will see more examples of totalitarian fascism such as this taking place.  Fuhrer Obama?

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