• Satan Manifests Within A Tree, Reveals Twiddle Rompus Wiccan Witchcraft

    July 5, 2011 7:40 am 10 comments
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  • With the new Harry Potter and the Half Blood Moon Hallows coming out soon, many of you parents witnessing a precipice point in your child’s life. Will they grow up to be good people, or will they become part of The Family of Charles Manson. Will your little angels be normal, or blood oath murderers who will wine and dine on a feast of eternal spike lube orgies and sweltering pelvic grinding from chisel abbed demons for all eternity?

    It sounds like a terrible fate, but that is just a taste of what awaits all children who will burn in hell for falling under Harry Potter’s spell. It is sick and sad that many of you parents are too ignorant to realize just how dangerous Harry Potter is for your child.

    Harry Potter is about Witchcraft, a practice in which girls (witches) and boys (warlocks) and cats (familiars) have mental fornication with Satan by saying chants before they sleep, which invite the whispy spirit of Satan into your home to whisper his hot, sulfur scented lies into their ears in the secret parts of night. Whenever you hear them say Satanic chants on Harry Potter that is not in English, it is a Tolkien generated spell that your child is to repeat and it will help Satan grasp their soul.

    Witchcraft Worship, or now what they call it “Wiccan”, is nothing more than using nature to worship Satan. In Genesis, we see Satan converted Eve from being a Christian to a Wiccan by causing her to eat the poisoned fruit from a tree, which Satan likely laced with hallucinogens like LSD and PCP and some Quualade’s to get her loosened up for the anal and secret place slam job he performed on her, behind Adam’s back. That’s what he plans to do to your daughter.

    Wiccans are known to be seen dancing under the moonlight, in white shawls and chanting the very lines you hear in Harry Potter. They gibble gibble and shriek in the orgasmic throes of wanton ecstasy, all after Satan whispered in their ears and under his spell, they sleep walk from home and meet up in giant, semi-naked circles by trees. They have flesh swaps with each other and cut each other to lick each other’s blood, all around a tree. Then they say more nature chants and Satan fully emerges.

    This Tree Is A Dick [NSFW]

    There you have it.  You can see above, this girl went to see the last Harry Potter movie and even until the wee hours of morning, she dances beneath a tree and touches the penis of Satan which sprouted from this giant mighty Oak overnight.  You see what happened to Eve is now happening again, and Harry Potter Wiccanism is to blame.

    So unless you want your daughter carrying the seed of Satan and being Mother Mary of the Antichrist, you better keep her home and ban all your children from watching the demonic Wiccan Harry Potter movies.

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