• Scientists At National Weather Service Now Spreading Homo Gay Agenda

    July 8, 2011 4:08 pm 43 comments
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  • Now even scientists are trying to auger boys in their backsides. Look at this Obama administration filthy. Filthy!

    Today when checking the weather I spat at my Oat Brans in disgust! Science is now being used as the astroglide lube of the gay agenda to molest our families with pitter patter talks of “Celsius” and “Explosion fury mercury pommels in the pooslot”.

    You see what these National Weather Services gays are up too. They are trying to coax everyone with Weekly Reader fun images. They are trying to make this all a throwback to the innocence of childhood.

    They want us to think nothing of this image, but if you look with a careful eye you can see subliminal homosexuality in built within! First, look at the Sun. It is whistling dixie and gusting the gales of fecal matter all over the town. It has its mother puckered like a street corner knee stocking flavor seeking homosexual whore hipster in West Hollywood.

    Then, with its left hand what is it doing? It is fandangling a liquid mercury thermometer that’s turgid with red sin and ready to explode with the moist heats of Satan’s rubbing thighs.

    Just like a Satan Scepter, that ‘thermoemter’ is ready to explode and has the classic lifesack and rod design to it! This is just like when Tyson reported Gay Son Rebels by Drawing Huge Penis on Parents Roof!

    Oh my heart is racing with anger my friends.  I could only wish this were 400 years ago, because I would take all these homo raining men weather girl scientists, like them up in the tower then laugh with delight as I threw away the key and used kerosene to hear them squeal and beg “Uncle” as they seared and seared until Weatherman Satan reported to them the skies in hell are always cloudy with sulfur and African hot lava will burn them forever and ever!

    The National Weather Service is supposed to warn us about storms and ice wrath, so we can then report what states are sinning due to the bad weather.  Never was the point of the NWS to stand for Nogging White Suburbanunuses.

    Even on their graph on this homoerotic comic ploy, they are giving a bukake rating.  Bukake comes from Japanese anime and science mixed together, to mean how much the satan spittle is at risk of escpaing your life rod.  Japanese are sick people who love to make film nasties and when they turn 18, girls have no idea if they will need to know this for reality shows so are taught their senior year of high school.  We can see the scientists at the National Weather Service have been tuning into anime pornagraphy.

    Level 80 Degrees – Caution

    In America, 80 degrees is usually a nice day and you can go out a mow your yard and racker your chickens, your cows in comfort.  But for the Japos and gays, it is the tantalizing bit of finger tickling the taunter.  Gays will try to reach their hands down your pants off guard, so you may be tempted to spattle all over the place.  They try to tickle you and get a ’80 Degrees’ rating from you and more especially your children because that’s the true target of gays.

    Level 100 Degrees – True Caution

    At this point is where gays get excited and start licking their chops.  They want to taste your children as fresh as possible so here they know a spittle is nearing immenent values.  If they can milk your Weatherman studying college son with this technique and making him confused with images of cartoon suns and a professor hand down his pants as he squirms and bites his bottom lip, they know that Stage 3 Humidty Exhaustion will start clouding his mind.  It’s just like when a tramp tempts a good man to have an affair.

    You lose moisture to yoru down there specialities and the diversion from the brain turns off your morality center, it just dries up.  IT’s not a man’s fault at this point but the attacker.  Your college sun is the victim and here you are thinking they are just learning about hot weather.

    Level 130 Degrees –  Freddie Mercury Gay Explosion

    Did you know the prouncing homosexual Freddy Mercury started off his career as a weather reporter with the National Weather Service?  He got his name for doing ‘hot’ reports and singing the weather, then causing the gays around him to tallywhack their reddened thermomemter into poison liquid spilled out.  This is why Reagan’s administration did away with Mercury thermometers, the gays were using them as sex objects and were using their little nursing jobs to put ‘Freedy Mercury thermometers’ into the anusspouts of kids when they went in to the doctor’s office.

    They wanted kids to think it was natural to have Mercury in your bumsack since a toddler, so later in life they would let other handlebar men prod and take their temperature back there.  They did not want to take their rump rods out until ‘it reachers 130 degrees’, which is impossible so they would always have a firm clencher until it was done.

    The gays are getting more smart and crafty by the day.  They all know with summer here, we want our kids to understand the science behind a heat stroke.  It is when the body gets so hot the blood starts to boil and you have seizures and roll your eyes up in your head like that autistic boy band John Mayer.  But when you look at this map, you think, OH a comic!  This will be greast for my kids to learn.

    Then you see the Sun is five fingering a gay’s tallywhacker and making it explode liquid mercury all over the city, where others will see the gay acts in the apartment buildings.

    Is this really what the National Weather Service is all about now?  Homosexuality?

    What sick things await us tomorrow in this Obamacare world.  I am so angry write now and will be righting the National Weather Service an angered letter to tell them I know gays work there and I refuse to let my taxes create subliminal images like this one.

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