• Sister Susan’s Grand Plan to Fix Mexicans, Debt, and Unemployment.

    July 16, 2011 6:25 pm 93 comments
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  • For some time now I have had a grand idea to fix many of the countries ills. I briefly touched upon the plan in my article on Politicians screwing the Old, and Brother Bruce came close in his recent article. So I have decided to explain my grand plan in hopes that some Christly Republican Presidential hopeful might take notice.


    Illegal immigration is a huge problem in our country. Currently the federal government is unwilling and uninterested in doing anything about it. We know that Obama wont as his political action committee Acorn likes to round them up and turn illegals into ballot box stuffers. Republicans are not blameless, many seek out so called hispanic voters and charm then with their “Compassionate Conservative” propaganda so they can get votes. Because of this inaction, states are now taking matters into their own hands.

    So Step 1: of my plan is to tell illegals they can stay in the US. But they HAVE to stay in Texas. Most will move there of their own free will. Those that do not will be rounded up and marched to Texas reminiscent of the Trail of Tears that forced Illegal Indians into Oklahoma. Once we have the mexicans there we will start the second part of the plan.


    Step 2: will put thousands of Americans to work. It will be like the days of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) which was created by the only successive socialist President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. We will employ Americans to build a giant impregnable fence around Texas that will trap the mexicans inside. They will then be unable to infect us with salmonella induced Chimichangas, Low riders, George Lopez, or Montezuma’s Revenge. Once we have finished putting Americans to work it is time for the next phase.


    Who needs it? It is known only for Steers, Queers, and Retards. Sure it has Oil but we can keep that as we will sell the land without the mineral rights. Assuming an average price of $35,000 per acre we can sell Texas for $210,700,000,000.00!!! We could just trade it to the Chinamen for forgiveness of our debts. Heck we could even sell it to the Jews, they like hot desert places, and they are used to being surrounded by angry brown people. If I were Jewish I would rather have a mexican as a neighbor than a towel headed Hamassian…or would I?

    As usual, if you love your country please protect it from these dangers, and keep a keen Christian eye on Christwire.org! Have a comment? We would love to hear from you! Please post below and to communicate with me personally add me as a friend on facebook.

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