• Stock Market Crash Today Proves Why Boehner, Republicans, Must Protect American Economy and Money

    July 25, 2011 7:15 pm 10 comments
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  • The Stock Market Crash Today is the worst seen since another lame democrat, Franklin Roosevelt, hobbled in office and made America weak with scandal, Trotsky fellating and failure to nuke Nazi Germany.

    The American dollar grows weaker by the day. The Japanese Yen and whatever the Chinese are using for money grows in power, with even the Euro and Canadian looney betraying dog-like loyalty to Master America for a new slint-eyed overlord.

    The stock market crash today should scare all of you, my friends. They said that after World War II, the Russian captors of East Germany used the Nazi douchemark to wipe their communist hind ends. The people would use the worthless toilet paper to patch holes in their wall. Now, today, Obama gets on tv to lie and say America will never come to such a point, where Soviets are goosestepping through our streets pillaging and raping, all while laughing it up and making George Washington a brown-nose by virtue of fecal waste.

    The stock market crash today proves that above all else, America has a chink in its armor. It is called Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, who is selling us out to the Chinese. There is a calculated attack against America.

    Everyone knows that America cannot be beaten with weapons. We can wipe any army out in a matter of weeks, as proven by our dominance over Saddam and even Red Russia when President Reagan scared them fierce with prayers and Operation Star Wars Death Lasers. And before you liberal Yahoos try to say Star Wars is only a movie with a shiny gold homosexual robot movie with incest, think again, because we wiped Stalin out with Star Wars lasers.

    But there is a different war going on. This war is called an Economic War.

    America is an Economic Empire. Our empire is built on wealth, power, electronic communication and diplomacy. Unlike empires of old, we are civilized and only draw blood if provoked directly. Therefore, our enemies are trying to weaken our empire indirectly.

    The terrorists hit us in the sack when we were not looking, so we would fly into a rage and attack them mercilessly. They attacked us so we would overspend when we went to smoke them from their holes and try to rebuild their squalor nations out of guilt. President Bush, bless is soul, fell for their tricks and started the process of bankrupting our country. Reagan’s words of wisdom, firebomb them all and force them to live in our light, were lost on young Bush.

    Then, things only got worse when Americans betrayed God by voting a Muslim into office. How a Muslim Hawaain with no birth certificate, political experience and lived off government welfare checks through college is qualified to run this nation during a recession is beyond me. But still, everyone got caught-up in the ‘vote in the black guy’ speechces and put a child in office.

    Obama would be fine for a good times president. He’s happy and carefree, earning him the nickname President Spendhappy. The problem is that just like would be expected from a black, Obama cannot balance his hom finances. If he weren’t living off the government’s teet he’d be just like every other black with his Boost Mobile phone, fried chicken dinners and borrowing rides from his cousin Poo Bear. The stock market crash today is the worst since the Great Depression, because Obama is a failure at economics. He’s black. I said it.

    Now, before someone says this is racist, look at the data.

    How can a man whose people only earn $15,000 a year per capita be trusted to run our White House.  The only way we could be worse is if Squanto Mexican ran for office on the Happy Trails to Tijuana platform and made things worse.  Too bad Obama is not an asian-Caucasian hybrid because at least maybe he could calculate one simple fact:  America cannot get out of debt if we spend more than we make.

    The stock market crash today is not the fault of banks, like Obama would say.  It is not Bush’s fault anymore; he’s not even president.  That’s like blaming you or me for this debt and the stock market crash today.

    The only one to blame for all of this is Barack Hussein Obama.  He is incapable of balancing  the American economy let alone a KFC resaurant.

    I said it first and I do not regret it.  It’s time we just spoke the truth here and hopefully everyone has receptive ears.  Get Obama out.  How Speaker Boehner can put up with this clown without just walking away and giving up is beyond anyone, but hopefully, he can get some sense through that hard-headed president and make him see that we need to let proper people run this country.

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