• Stop the Rioting White People!

    July 5, 2011 7:18 pm 11 comments
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  • After OJ was released there was rioting in South Central LA. Now that Casey Anthony has been released there is rioting in white cities everywhere. The internet is on fire with the back and forth accusations.

    Here are the facts. We just celebrated the birthday of the greatest NATION ON EARTH, the USA. Our glorious fore fathers who were divinely inspired to create America created our judicial system.

    As Americans we are called to serve in this system as we ARE the system.

    Today that woman was acquitted by the system, by us, by America and by our fore fathers and thus by GOD himself.

    So stop your whining.

    When you question the system you question yourself, America and God. God does not like it when you question him as he smites the crap out of you. Do you want to be smited? Do you really? Ask yourself punk, do you want to be smited?

    Well shut up and enjoy the fact that justice has been served and that we can now look for the real killer. Now stop rioting and acting like a bunch of idiots.

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