• Study: 4/5 TV Journalists Suffering from Post-Casey-Anthony Partum Depression

    July 18, 2011 2:43 pm 2 comments
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    Jerry Cohen

    A recent study by the University of York Tech State reveals that 4 out of 5 US tv journalists are suffering from Post-Casey-Anthony Partum Depression.  The clinical signs are staggeringly obvious in qualitative analysis.

    After simply reviewing newscasts from television journalists most intertwined within the Casey Anthony trial, researchers were able to observe their subjects engaged in primal behavior and a range of emotions not befitting civilized professionals of modern society.

    Within the abstract of the full study which will be published in American Nature next week, the classical signs of journalists facing this new-age depression are consistent with .5% s.d. in a 97% confidence interval.

    Signs A Television Journalist is Suffering from Post-Casey-Anthony Partum Depression
    1. Dressing in long black trenchcoats or leather suits like a high school teenager with emo/raver tendency.
    2. Unrelenting rage that is similar to the ‘acting’ portrayed in overly dramatic Mexican telenovelas.
    3. Denial.  The perennial classic third in depressive classifications, journalists who have an unending urge to deny a jury of 12-Americans by way of Constitution had to find Anthony innocent are suffering from another sign of depression in denial.
    4. Rage. Quickly following denial is a rage of words, actions and facial expressions.
    5. Stalking/not letting go. Journalists who are suffering from PCAPD may tend to trek the subject down, sending news cameras to every state to alert everyone in America where an at-risk person may be hiding, because mob mentality is very noble, especially when we are all upset and feel the need to ignore bona-fide, number one reason for government. Logic and reason over emotion.
    6. Panic. Journalists with PCAPD will panic when they see Nielsen ratings slip-and-fall as America becomes distracted with Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan being irresponsible, then realize the economy is still crashing and Medicare dependent grandparents may be without any money on August 3rd. This phenomena is still being studied and has not yet fully manifested, though an ‘aura’, much like that which surrounds a migraine headache, can be seen slowly surrounding the beings of these Anthony entrenched media personalities.

    Nancy Grace: A Case Study

    To put the York study to task, we take a case study of Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace is a respected media figure who devoted much time and energy in covering the Casey Anthony trial. Throughout the trial, Grace’s emotions where obvious and like many other Americans, this journalist seemed sure of a Casey Anthony is Guilty verdict.

    Now that the opposite has been found true in a court of law, let us see if this public media figure may be afflicted with this startling new phenomena.

    1. Wearing Black Clothing

    To the right we see Nancy Grace opts for a suit of black, looking like a Prozac deprived stunt double for General Zod (Terence Stamp) in Richard Donner’s classic 70’s movie Superman.

    Why so serious?

    While most Americans are shocked and dismayed, heartbroken, with the entire Anthony trial, perhaps it is time for our nation’s most popular and respected journalists to put to task our nation’s politicians.  Elderly are at risk of being cut-off from Social Security while our politicians squabble and bicker.  Perhaps that would be a good show, to get Obama and Boehner to duke it out in front of a panel of our nation’s greatest generation, dying on camera because two politicians and their parties couldn’t stop playing political fisticuffs for long enough to actually do something productive.

    Or evil video games, there is something we can all agree is very bad and sending our kids straight into Satan’s hotbox to be smoked again and again on demons toking the souls of the innocent.

    Nancy Grace enjoyed her highest television ratings of all time during the Casey Anthony trial and now that the legally acquitted of murder Tot Mom walks free, where will Grace next point her accused before guilty finger to get ratings?

    It is not a question of criticism but a question of reality.  News sources oft times have to hit hard on big trials because it brings money, and that money comes from the amount of viewers a program can muster.  Sure, journalists have an emotional investment, though the job of journalism is not to necessarily tug heartstrings but rather report facts. Yet, it’s more profitable to take to task a mom in a case that has captured our hearts than just to be another talking head lashing out at Obama or reading the Wall Street Ticker.   Emotional stories that we invest in will get a bigger jump in short-term viewers, if you catch the niche.  The niche will eventually disband and disappear and corporate executives will demand a new source of viewers and therefore corporate sponsors. This is tough on journalists who have invested hours of time, energy and tears into the subject, because beyond reporting the headlines they have become emotionally invested, long-term, into the story personally, and for the information of millions of others.

    2.  Poetic Chavez Calibre Diatribes with a Aminesque Spark for the Passively Aggresive Emotional

    3. When we believe in something for so long that it is assumed as right in our mind, we will react with rage and personal offense when that value is attacked. “Casey Anthony is Not Guilty” said a judge. In Nancy Grace’s mind and in many other’s minds, for the last three years we all heard repeated “Casey Anthony is Guilty.”

    That cannot be true! A value we held dear and true, against the spirit of the US Constitution, was attacked. We were all shocked. We were and there is really no denying that you felt some shock that Anthony was relieved of guilt, and may have even dissuaded your anger by convincing yourself the Prosecution overreached, going for to hard to prove a conviction. Whatever.

    Nancy Grace reacted the same way, but being a famous journalist, her reaction was on international news and he words earned her an interview with the Huffington Post, asking if she was wrong to critique the jury. The response:

    “”I feel the jury was absolutely wrong. I feel they went into this case with the mindset to acquit and not to have their minds open.”

    And I feel that the jury did not go into the case with the mindset to acquit. If they were like most of their American peers, they had already judged Anthony guilty and had pitchforks hidden beneath the courts rafters. But, when taught how the legal process in America must work, perhaps their hearts were change? Both Grace’s and my assumption works on one presumption: we are right, we feel it in our guts. That makes it right if you repeat it again and again for three years. Every one of those jurors, they wanted to let Tot Mom go free. It’s gut-instinct and number three on the study’s list. So far it is accurate.

    4. You can see this article/video referenced above in three and then go to YouTube and search Casey Anthony reaction. There are many armchair journalists who lashed out after the verdict. I did, along with many of my colleagues, but now I recognize that I was just too caught up and did not realize the details. How many fellows can do the same thing?

    5. Nancy Grace is not guilty of this one, but many other people area. Grace is already showing 4/6 signs like the rest of us in America. Let’s look at 5. Stalking.

    Already, the impressive judge who managed all of this giant trial has made it clear that already jurors are being stalked by a blood thirsty nation, perhaps their thirst filled from 24-hour-a-day news coverage from journalists who just know they are right and that justice must be served, somehow, even after the verdict. Because of course, those dumb jurors went in there with a hankerin’ for letting Tot Mom go out and spread her naughty dipping sauce bits all over the world and become a millionaire. We know it is true in our guts.

    In all reality, today on several national broadcasts (including CNN and Fox), journalists were trying to track Casey Anthony down to Ohio and other places in the nation. The government would literally have to pay to give Casey Anthony plastic surgery and a new identity just to give her a running start from the endless prying. This is not right, is it? Sure, I think she knows exactly what happened to that precious child and that she may just be guilty, somewhat like OJ Simpson and the entire Nicole Brown fiasco.

    Still, I would not condone media endlessly pursuing him either. As a nation, we must be better than rioting and sniffing down people as if they are animals. Stalking is definitely a sign of PCAPD all media and even the public is suffering from and pathetically for all of us, it’s self-induced. This article is just more icing on the hypocritical cake of pathetic mush that our society has become.

    6. Panic

    My coverage of this trial, to date, has been sitting outside my grandfather’s brownstone and arguing Constitutional law and why we cannot have mob tactics in this country. Nationally, let’s see how long television networks ‘milk’ this trial and see how long they can hold that one last note on the violin, to capture our emotion and get us to sympathize with a child, which sadly, can translate to millions of dollars in commercials for news stations. It is a sad mix of true vested emotion and smart business, but in the end, it can all lead to depression and less than ethical journalistic standards.

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